The best part of me

I fell (without hurting too much reassure you ;-)) on the Instagram publication of an American teacher, @aprimarykindoflife, in which she describes the last subject of written production of her class. And I love !! She suggests to her students to think about the part of the body that they prefer at home (hair, eyes, hands …) in order to take a positive look on themselves. For this, she has developed writing media (you will find the originals by clicking on the photos). As you can see in the picture, the production of each student is accompanied by a picture of the chosen part of the body. I found this idea great and so I decided to adapt it in French for my own loulous. 😉 I put at your disposal further the supports for a production of written entitled: “The best part of myself ” It will be for my class the opportunity to: – review the parts of the body – to refocus a little on oneself – to value oneself (because it does not hurt from time to time!) – to see, once again, that we are all different, that we all have different preferences and that it is this diversity which is the beauty of the world in which we live (because, as I often say in class: “If we were all the same, life would be a deadly trouble !! “). And to go even further in this idea, you will also find in the file supports allowing students to write what they prefer in others. I think I will draw a classmate’s name to each student so that they each write a short production entitled “What I like about … “! What to look kindly on others and on oneself 😉


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