iPhone Siri settings – make the most of Siri

If you use Siri on a daily basis, there are some valuable tips that will make Siri more efficient and easier to use with the Virtual Assistant. Surely you know that with Siri you can create calendar entries and reminders that Siri writes messages for you and even calls your contacts for you. But Siri can do more! If you’re curious about what Siri’s skills have kept from you, there’s a simple trick to finding out about Siri’s full range of features! Use full features of Siri So if you do not just want to use those features of Siri that everyone knows anyway, you should continue reading. The following trick is very quick to implement, yet unknown to many: First, you activate Siri by holding down the home button on your iPhone. If on the touch screen of your iPhone the question How can I help? turns up, look to the bottom left. There you will find a small question mark that taps you. The voice input is ended and an overview with all possible questions and commands is displayed. In fact, these are not just a few examples, but, by and large, all of Siri’s functionality. Scroll down to see other categories. You can tap any category to see example sentences for that app. For example, did you know that you can teach Siri to pronounce a name correctly? Try it out yourself! If Siri should listen to you, just tap the microphone again and speak. But make sure that your instructions for Siri are very clear. Tip: If you tell Siri more about you, you can use the language assistant even better! How helpful is this article?


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