In general, how do you live in the USA?

Compared to where? To Italy? They are two places light years away, culturally speaking. I lived in the Lake Buena Vista area (Orlando, Florida) for about a year. Look, I can tell you that anything seemed to be formed MAXI.Super-stradoni from half a dozen lanes.Super-portions of food and drink.Super hypermarket (Wallmart, for example, where you find everything). Super-wide people than high (something that really surprised me a lot especially in the first few weeks. One reads and hears about these things, but really when you see a percentage of the kind of overweight people you begin to understand much more about the culture of the place you live in. In short, Super Size Me is really the mantra that seems to echo a little everywhere everywhere. In some respects, the USA is the country of extremes, good and bad that one wants to consider. However, having said that, my experience of a year in the USA was PHENOMENAL. It was the first time that I lived only knows . It allowed me to go beyond my ‘comfort zone’ and become a little more adult by the day. In the area where I lived (but in most of the States, from what I could see: I was even in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle and Washington DC) if you don’t have a car you don’t go very far. Apart from some major cities, such as New York, the machine is a MUST. As far as I’m concerned in the USA, you live well if you have a certain approach to life. If you are dynamic, you like to try new things. You must understand that you are in a relatively new and fluid culture that moves like mercury. A culture that is impossible to contain. In other respects this same culture can be a little bigot. When I talked to Americans, many of them when they took a stand defend her with their nails and teeth. Especially in politics. Once I was traveling by car with a Republican and a Democrat. You have no ideas of how many have been told! Super hyper-accessed discussions. However, at the end of the race, the two people were friends as before. We say that Americans have strong ideas and are willing to defend them. As for food, there are pros and cons. I enjoyed experimenting with different kitchens from the Italian one when I lived in the States. But I CANNOT imagine a life lived for example in Miami. In that part of the States there are many Hispanic-Mexican influences and that kind of food simply doesn’t get along with my stomach. There would be a billion other things to say, but the moral of the story is that people live well in the States if you can adapt quickly and if you are an observer with the heart of an explorer. Anyone who is considering living in the country with stars and stripes, I can only wish you a nice … Good Luck!

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