Have the new AMD processors reached and / or exceeded the computing power of Intel CPUs?

Written like this, the question makes a strange effect to me. It would almost seem that AMD is the unlucky sister, a bit like the Fiat Panda in the FCA universe. In reality it is perhaps true opposite. AMD CPUs over the years have often been a lot higher than Intel. If we talk about the Pentium era, except for a few exceptions, we talk about almost 10 years in which if you wanted maximum performance you had to avoid Intelse then we talk about price parity, because then when we go buy we don’t always buy the most expensive CPU , today it is almost 12,000 euros, but in the various price ranges in the last twenty years the AMD CPUs have almost always surpassed the intel. If instead we talk about pure power, which CPU is more powerful today, considering that AMD does not produce processors which cost 12,000E the answer is simple. Then you have to see if you want to spend those figures. My old writing. I used dozens of Z80s both in zilog and other. Many 6502 (a beautiful processor that inspired the ARM) My 086 were intel or NEC (I think) my 286 was a harris of 386 I had several: an intel SX16Mhz that was not a great deal, if had it not been for deskview I would have returned at 286 an amd at 40MHz a cyrix, a real fumine! A 486sx2 25 / 50Mhz intel very, very disappointing slower than the cyrix, I got fooled by magazines replaced with an equally disappointing (but much better) 66 and finally to a furious amd486 from 50 / 133MHz. The Pentium then we do not talk about it: bundles of liras do not move the ass. Then I bought another cyrix 6×686. I changed only with P2. The one on the slot. Very bad. Let’s understand: he ran more than the cx but not so much and it cost a mountain of money. I also had some PIIIs, they were less worse than their ancestors. For a number of reasons (I didn’t buy them myself) the next ones were P4s, many and very bad. We changed to hope we had performances that didn’t exist then. the era of netburst, the P4 that to plan the AMD should have reached the expected 10Ghz. The bin in reality is planted in a poor 3 and something Ghz obtained with a temperature close to that of the solar surface causing important side effects. When I was free again to choose I took a Phenom II x6 both for scarring and because with Massimo we loved the transputer. Those rare multicore programs are rocketing. Those monotread … ok, you understood. Then I took an e-350 as an HT because it beat the atom. In 2013 I also bought a mainboard with an A4-5000 like HT to replace an e-350 that would end up doing the NAS. Can we say that between mainboard and procio with intel I would have spent almost twice the 70E of 5000 with lower performance? Of course an i7 from 2000E was more … but I didn’t need an i7! When I bought my phenomII: it cost about half of an intel and it went the same way (using the 6 cores) And it is true however BUT that the bad software like MS are still stopped at the use of a single core. On the single intel core it goes faster. When you are there, wait for the packed program and see that 83% of the PC is waiting for a while. Now 90% of PCs are used to play or watch FB and in that area a pumped i5 is profitable net of my PH. Indeed, they should do an i7 single core for WEB use. So a market for AMD has always existed especially in the low end. The various celertonts should be a joke like the i3s. In some moments it was intel to not being competitive but for sales no one noticed. Why doesn’t it happen? At the time of the P4, we can file it as the worst processor ever, finding an AMD in stores was difficult. I mean, it was hard to find something that wasn’t poo. Even the first cores weren’t great, but the amd in the shops weren’t there. Even online it was difficult to find AMD: out of 30 processors 2 were AMD. For a friend I had to get some e-5200 intel: scary bins. All the magazines say that AMD does not go fast. Now: the expensive i7-6700k I am sure that in monotread it is going to be MUCH more than an FX-9590 while if you use the multitread the amd is perhaps a little faster: but from my peddling of trust (to January 2017…

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