How to Use a Moka Pot – Stovetop Espresso Brewing Guide

Last Updated on November 17th, 2018 A moka pot is a nifty device that brews coffee using the pressure of steam. The moka pot is also called stovetop espresso coffee maker. This coffee brewing method is very popular because it brews a strong concentrated coffee that uses pressure during extraction. The moka pot is the choice of many coffee lovers because it’s inexpensive, easy to use, and very reliable. You can probably use one of these devices forever if you take care of it properly. People also love the taste of stove top coffee, which is basically a rustic espresso with a lot of bite.The macchinetta, as the Italians call it, was invented by Luigi de Ponti, and he patented it for Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. The exact same model is still sold by Bialetti as Bialetti Moka Express. The full history of the macchinetta here. The aluminum made octagonal coffee maker is the favorite way of making coffee for millions of people.How Moka Pot Coffee TastesPeople call moka pot coffee espresso. Technically, we can call it espresso, because the brewing method involves pushing hot water through a puck of coffee. Taste-wise it’s not really an espresso, because it tastes differently. The reason is the water temperature, which is hotter than the pump espresso, and the lower pressure during brewing.Moka pot espresso is a rich coffee with a full body, with full notes of chocolate and caramel. There are also more bitter accents in a stovetop espresso. Probably more than in most of the coffee brewing methods.If you love strong coffee, and you aren’t afraid of some bitter notes, this is definitely for you. If you add sugar to your coffee, you will fall in love with this brewing method. Italians use sugar with their coffee prepared in a macchinetta. You can use sugar in two ways, more about that in the preparation technique section.If you need an espresso-like coffee for your milk-based beverages, the stovetop espresso is a great option. The milk will mellow down the bite, and you will get a flavorful cup similar to the drinks at Starbucks. You can prepare a great cappuccino, or latte using the espresso brewed in a moka pot. Bialetti Aluminium Moka PotThe Italian moka pots are among the best, at the end of the day they invented the brewing methods, and they are constantly improving it. I love Italian kitchenware, because of their quality, and great design. They are just a joy to use, and the Bialetti moka pot makes no exception. Bialetti is the company that brought stovetop espresso on everybody’s table, and they continue the tradition.This is the Bialetti Moka Express, one of the most sold in the world. The pot is made from aluminum, it’s easy to disassemble and clean, and has a 2 years warranty. They have 5 dimensions ranging from 1 cup to 12 cup, plenty to choose from depending on your family size.How to Brew with a Moka PotMost people will tell you that brewing with a moka pot is very simple, and you can’t mess it up. Well, if your objective is to get a hot, black, caffeinated liquid, the statement above is true. If we are talking specialty coffee, you need to time and tweak your brewing sequence. If you don’t, you risk to over-extract or burn your coffee. Sure many times this isn’t an issue, for instance in a latte. Lattes contain a lot of milk and this will mask the bitterness resulted from over-extracting the beans. Any beverage with less milk will be ruined. For those who want to obtain a great, unique cup of coffee, here are the instructions.Make sure your stovetop coffee maker is clean.Fill the base of your moka pot with hot water up to the line, or slightly below.Grind coffee beans. The grind size is slightly coarser than espresso but definitely finer than drip. The range is between espresso and hand drip.Fill the filter-funnel loosely, without packing the grounds.Some people like their coffee clearer, if that’s you, place a round paper filter on top of the grounds.Make sure rim is clean or it will lose pressure during brewing.Screw on the three parts and put it on the low, or medium heat. A gas stove is the best, but if you have an electric stove, you can use a…


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