University ranking Germany: The best universities in Germany

You have no plan where to study? A university ranking can make your decision easier. We have examined the most popular university rankings and tell you which are the best universities in Germany. We also explain to you how such a ranking of universities actually comes about and what the results mean for you personally.

What does a university ranking say?

A so-called university ranking is simply a ranking that distinguishes the best universities in Germany. The University Ranking originated in the Anglo-American area. In the meantime a whole series of “best-unis-in-Germany ” -lists circulate in the media. Some of them are international, others are limited to the German university landscape. But depending on the university ranking, very different universities often take the top positions.

It’s not that easy to answer the question, which is the best one in Germany. No wonder, because every university ranking takes into account different criteria and data sources: sometimes scientific publications are counted, and sometimes professors or students are questioned. Still other rankings consider the equipment and the financial situation of the universities. But which university ranking for Germany is the most important or best?

The best universities in Germany: summary of the university rankings

Each university ranking sets different priorities and puts different aspects in the foreground. We have therefore collected the most popular rankings for “best universities in Germany ” and combined them into a single list. The resulting university ranking for Germany has a broader database. That is, it takes into account more and more different aspects than any single university ranking for itself. This will give a more complete picture of the quality of higher education.

But beware: A good place in the university ranking for Germany does not have to mean that the respective university is also the best for you! Because perhaps for you personally very different criteria are important than the one that reflects the university ranking. Generally, you should not blindly trust a university ranking for Germany. Always pay attention to how the university ranking came about and what criteria are taken into account.

In order for you to better judge whether the results of the Universities Germany ranking are personally relevant for you personally, we present the methods and criteria of the individual university rankings in more detail below.

The best colleges – Total

TUM (TU Munich)

University of Heidelberg


5 [*****************************************************************] TU Berlin

[***************************************************] HU Berlin

[**********************************************] 8 [***********************************************] RWTH Aa

Rank University
1 LMU Munich
Leipzig Graduate School

7 TU Darmstadt
9 [*********************************************************] KIT Karlsruhe
10 KLU (Kühne Logistics University)
11 University of Freiburg
12 University of Tübingen
University of Göttingen

14 [*****************************************************************] Uni Bonn [****************************************************************************************************] 16

University of Cologne 17 TU Dresden


ESCP Berlin


19 [********************************************************* WHU [***************************************************************]

20 [****************************************************************] University of Mannheim 21

University of Hamburg

22 [************************************************************************************************] 23 University of Münster 24

Provadis College

25 University of Würzburg

26 [*****************************************************************] University of Erlangen

27 Ulm


Zeppelin University 29

[*********************************************************************] 30

Uni Kiel

[************************************************************************] Source: myStipendium

1st place: LMU Munich

[** Germany from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. With more than 50,000 students, the officially “best ” among the universities in Germany is also the second largest. The LMU Munich offers a wide range of programs, ranging from A as English to Z as dentistry. There is only one technical faculty at the LMU Munich.

2nd place: TU Munich ****]

No problem, because that’s what has made the Technische Universität München in second place of the Universities Germany ranking. With currently 173 courses of study, the TU München offers a very differentiated range of technical, natural and social science as well as medical subjects. The elite university also enjoys an excellent reputation outside Germany’s borders: around one in three of the more than 41,000 students comes from abroad.

3rd place: University of Heidelberg [*********************

Rank 3 of the university ranking for Germany is taken up by the renowned Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. With its 12 faculties, it offers a wide range of courses, covering medicine, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, as well as the most important subject groups.

What are the best known university rankings for Germany?

For our “Best Universities in Germany” list we have 5 known. ..

[************************************************************************************] Source

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