function linking company and customer desire

There are several definitions of “marketing”. Here are some of the most common.Function linking a company to the needs and desires of its customers to provide the right product, in the right place and at the right time. Achievement of the objectives of a company through a better meeting needs of the customer than that of the competition.Management process that identifies, anticipates and provides efficiently and profitably the requirements of the customer. Whatever the definition you choose, in all cases, marketing is essential to the development of your business. It allows you to identify the expectations of your customers and satisfy them. And thereby, to ensure your profitability and your sustainability. At marketing-success, we are used to proposing to our customers who want to grow, to realize in the first place a diagnosis of their market, their website and its visibility. Why? Because this diagnosis makes it possible to have a precise inventory of the position of the company and then to take the necessary decisions. If you also want to take advantage of this diagnosis with our exclusive tools, contact us! Which of these definitions is the right one? All! They all try to define the essence of marketing: marketing is the meeting of needs and desires of customers marketing is a function that is distributed throughout the company. It can not act alone, without the other activities of the enterprise marketing must determine the needs and desires of the market and, find a way to provide him the desired satisfactions in a profitable way because more effective than the competition. The following diagram recapitulates the elements marketing keys. It will help you to put the different marketing functions in context. As you will see, the heart of a good marketing approach is the in-depth study of your market. Without this, you will never know exactly what your clients expect (needs, wants and goals) and you will not be able to put in place an effective strategy. That’s why we attach so much importance to the diagnosis of the customer market that we can achieve for you, in relation to your business.


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