Make Chinese chopsticks easy to use

Why do you think this content is inappropriate? WARNING: this is a way to alert the moderation of the site, this message will not be visible publicly. Eat & DrinkCookingKitchen Supplies Westerners often feel helpless when it comes to using Chinese chopsticks. The solution ? Make chopsticks for beginners to facilitate their use. What supplies are needed? Clothespin 2 Chinese chopsticks colorful adhesive tape Steps 1. First, you need to recover the spring used to join the two pieces of the clothespin. This allows the pliers to open and close when pressing on the ends of this pliers, it will do the same effect with Chinese chopsticks. 2. Then take the chopsticks and install the spring towards the tip of the chopsticks, making sure to leave a space large enough to have a good grip. To install the rods in the spring just slide each rod in the holes provided for this purpose. Open your spring and put on the wand. 3. Now that the spring joins the two chopsticks, you observe a system of opening and closing firm, this will allow you to hang the noodles well. Finally, customize your clothespin sticks as you wish, place the colored tape towards the side of grip. Tips and Warnings Tip (s): You can also opt for another decor, for example, dip the tips of your new sticks in paint. Cautions: Wash your new chopsticks by hand, the machine wash may peel off the tape. On the same theme How to choose your vinegar for seasoning? There are a multitude of vinegar varieties: from simple red or white wine vinegar to cider vinegar, sherry vinegar or balsamic vinegar without forgetting raspberry vinegar or white vinegar. How can I know if my dough is ready for cooking? Today, you have decided to start making surprise breads. Challenge difficult, but not impossible. Here is a tip to know if your bread dough that you kneaded with delicacy is ready to be baked in Search an article on How do we do it?


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