the man behind one of the best butchers in Santiago

Juan Chau’s grandfather, José Chau, arrived in Chile from his native China and dedicated himself to the meat business in the northern saltpeters. His son, also Juan, also born in the People’s Republic, continued with the tradition and at the beginning of the last century he settled with a butcher shop in the sector of El Salto, in Santiago, which for years was known as “the carnage of the Chinese ” In 1980 the patriarch died and his eldest son – the current owner of the business, Juan Chau – had to return from Australia, where he lived, to take over the business with his brothers. From then on, the family business has not stopped growing and currently in Buena Carne – this is the place called El Salto – they process all kinds of meats and cuts to supply a good part of the hotels and restaurants not only in Santiago, but Not that of Chile. To make the business what it is today, they work with domestic and foreign producers, who even supervise on the ground before everything arrives in Santiago, at the hands of Chau, which has a large supply of veins, ribs, levers, ribs and ribs. Even burgers. That, plus an infinity of interiors and even other animals beyond beef, such as pork, chicken, duck, hare and rabbit. That is what makes, too, that restaurant owners mass pilgrimage to their spacious premises. Many people call the plant in El Salto “the Silicon Valley of meat”, because of the modern facilities and the innovative work they do here in what started as a small butcher shop on the “outskirts” of Santiago. On days of one of the weeks of the year in which Chileans eat and prepare more roasts than throughout the year, we talk with Juan Chau about what he knows best: meat. – Do we eat more meat than before in Chile? Yes, beef consumption has been growing. I would say that it has gone hand in hand with the best economic conditions of people, because in my youth beef was something only for the elite. “It seems to me that we have also lost the fear of infiltrated fat.” For example, for the grill before everyone dreamed of a lean cut like steak; Now, on the other hand, many prefer cuts with marble (intramuscular fat that is embedded in the muscle of the animal), because it is a great contribution in flavor and texture. Tell me what they eat and I will tell you who are Good Meat / By Valentina Miranda —What is the ideal diet for the cattle we eat? When the pigs and fish were fed with fishmeal one noticed it immediately. The ideal of beef is that it has been fed only with grass and fodder. – What happens to the animals that in their last stage are fed with some type of grain like, for example, corn? It gives them a slightly sweet touch. This is done in cases where the degree of marbling is to be improved. Then, they are given corn. —And here in Chile which food predominates for cattle? With natural pasture. In fact, just these days we are signing a cooperation protocol with small producers in areas such as Lonquimay and Coyhaique who work that way and obviously we are interested in working with them. —You work with Chilean producers and some foreigners. They are accompanied in the whole process of raising the meat to ensure quality, right? So is. We have to know where the animals we buy grow, what kind of animals they are and how they feed, because those are the needs of the customers of the food industry and those who come to buy in the room. We have to be clear about the quality and properties to know how to offer it. The sales room is a Good Meat / Photo icon by Valentina Miranda — they have been working in distribution for a while now. If they do well in that, why not close the sales room that, I understand, generates a lower percentage of sales? No, because that is the icon; It is the base on which this company is based. I have always said that in this space we could put more machines, which from the productive point …


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