A list: China shops in comparison – tested and rated

Buying from China stores can save a lot of money by buying in China stores, especially in the fields of technology and gadgets, but also fashion. Import Shopping lists for you all Chinese online shops with the most important for a purchase criteria in a clear table. We update and expand our extensive China Shop List regularly. Thus, our list has become one of the most comprehensive overviews for shops from Asia in the German-speaking network and the ideal entry point for price comparisons of Chinese products. Practical tips for cheap and secure ordering at the listed online shops we have listed here for you. Have fun shopping in China! List of all China shops with the most important criteria. Filter our China shop list according to your preferences. In our overview, let us show only certain assortments such as clothing or technology or reduce the list to China retailers with shipping costs. If you miss a particular china shop in our china shop list, please let us know at China Shop. Our editorial team will check it promptly. Is the dealer reputable and relevant enough for other users, you will then find the dealer in the overview. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Important China Shop Criteria for your order in detail. Star rating of a China shop The stars in our China shop list indicate the average user rating of the shop. Especially with expensive purchases, you should check this feature for a reputable dealer. On the respective detail page of a shop you will find the detailed reviews of our users. For most China shops you will also find there tests, which were carried out by the Import-Shopping.de team on the basis of sample orders.ShippingShipping should ideally be free of charge when shopping in China stores to the shop with “low risk “to get to know once. High-priced items such as tablets or mobile phones are best bought only after successful purchase of a cheap gadget in the single-digit euro area or at positively valued retailers in our China Shop list. All listed shipping costs apply to the cheapest offered shipping option from China to Germany. Shipping costs for other countries may vary. In our rating, only $ 0.00 is spent in the table for shipping costs, even if free shipping to Germany is offered from the first cent onwards. “As low as 0.00 € ” we list if the shipping costs are partly charged depending on the product group, depend on the order value or billed by shipping weight. PayPal payment service PayPal should be preferred means of payment for China purchases, because the PayPal buyer protection also when shopping in the Far East. The helps, should something not run as you imagine it. As a rule, Chinese webshops are very accommodating, threatening with a “complaint” about PayPal. More for payment with PayPal in Chinese Shops.PayPal Checkout or ExpressPayPal Checkout (Formerly Express) saves the hassle of creating an account at the respective shop. The order can therefore be made very quickly. Especially with cents from China you can save so much effort. Note, however, that with PayPal Checkout but also the deposited there e-mail address is sent to the China shops. This can potentially lead to newsletters. Old China-Shop ListFor fans of our China-Shop list before the relaunch of Import-Shopping.de, here is the old overview: China ShopHandSupplySalePayPal PP Express6ks.com Women’s Fashion 0.00 € yes noaliexpress.com Electronics from 0,00 € no neinasia -fashion-wholesale.comwomen’s fashion from 0,00 € yes jaaurabuy.com electronics 0,00 € yes jabaginc.com bags from 0,00 € yes neinbanggood.com technique 0,00 € yes jabestofferbuy.com gadgets 0,00 € yes jabuyincoins .com Technik 0,00 € yes jabuysku.com electronics 0,00 € yes jacect-shop.com smartphones from 15,00 € yes nochicnova.com fashion from 0,00 € yes jachinabuye.com fashion 0,00 € yes jachinavasion. com technology pay parking. yes nocndirect.com technique from 0,00 € yes jacoco-fashion.com fashion 0,00 € yes nocoolicool.com technique 0,00 € yes jacozbest.com women’s fashion 0,00 € yes jadd4.com electronics 0,00 € yes neindealextreme .com Technik 0,00 € jajadealsmachine.com Electronics from 0,00 € yes jadhgate.com Gadgets from 0,00 € yes neindinodirect.com Technique 0,00 € yes jadresslily.com Fashion 0,00 € yes jadresslink.com Mode kostenpfl , yes jadsstyles.com fashion from 0,00 € yes jaeachbuyer.com electronics 0,00 € yes jaefox-shop.com technique from 0,00 € yes jaelijahstore.com electronics 0,00 € yes jaericdress.com wedding kostenpfl. yes jaetotalk.com phones pay parking. yes neineverbuying.com Technique 0,00 € yes yesEzcosplay.com Cosplay kostenpfl. yes nofastcardtech.com smartphones 0,00 € yes nofasttech.com technology 0,00 € yes neinfocalprice.com technique 0,00 € yes jagadget-asia.com games 0,00 € yes jagadgettown.com gadgets from 0,00 € yes jagearbest .com Technik 0,00 € yes jageekbuying.com electronics 0,00 € yes jahairextensionbuy.com Extensions from 0,00 € yes jaherstyle.com fashion 0,00 € yes jaibuygou.com electronics 0,00 € yes jaintimatescare.com dresses 0,00 € yes jaithrough.com – offline – izidress.com Dresses from 0,00 € no neinjollychic.com Fashion from 0,00 € yes jakaidomain.com technique 0,00 € yes jalacewigsbuy.com wigs from 0,00 € yes neinledshoppe.com LEDs 0,00 € yes noliaow.com Smartphones 0,00 € yes nolightinthebox.com fashion from 0,00 € yes nolightake.com technique 0,00 € yes jalionella.net dresses from 0,00 € yes neinlovelyshoes.net Shoes from $ 1.88 yes jalovelywholesale.com Fashion from 0,00 € yes jamartofchina.c om Fashion from 0,00 € yes jamerimobiles.com Smartphones 0,00 € yes jameritline.com Electronics from 0,00 € yes nomilanoo.com Mode kostenpfl. yes jamiusol.com women’s fashion from 0,00 € yes jamcbub.com technique 0,00 € yes jaminiinthebox.com technique 0,00 € yes jaminitake.com clothes 0,00 € yes jamodcloth.com fashion from 0,00 € yes jamyled. com LEDs pay parking. yes janbeads.com Jewelery from 0,00 € yes janewfrog.com gadgets 0,00 € yes jaonfancy.com shoes 0,00 € yes japandahall.com Jewelery kostenpfl. yes japandawill.com technique 0,00 € yes japersunmall.com fashion 0,00 € no neinprettyguide.com women’s fashion 0,00 € yes japunk-style.com punk 0,00 € yes neinpriceangels.com technique 0,00 € yes jaR4DS- DS.com R4, R4i Cards 0,00 € no neinrosegal.com Women’s Fashion 0,00 € yes jarotita.com Women’s Fashion 0,00 € yes jaromwe.com Fashion 0,00 € yes jasainsmart.com Electronics 0,00 € yes jasammydress. com women’s fashion from 0,00 €. yes jasexydonut.com – offline – sheinside.com women’s fashion 0.00 € yes neinsino-treasure.com bridal wear from 0.00 € no neinrapya-world.com Anime kostenpfl. yes jasunsky-online.com technology pay parking. yes yesSuntekstore.com gadgets 0,00 € yes neinsygmall.com gadgets 0,00 € yes neinszdeals.com – offline – thechinainventory.com jewelery 0,00 € yes neintideshe.com ladies’ fashion 0,00 € yes neintinydeal.com electronics 0,00 € yes jatmallbox.com electronics 0,00 € yes neintmart.com technology 0,00 € yes jatomtop.com technology from 0,00 € yes jatvc-mall.com Accessories kostenpfl. yes jauoften.com electronics 0,00 € yes javogueseason.com bridal wear from 0,00 € yes novjstyle.com fashion from 0,00 € yes nowallbuys.com gadgets 0,00 € yes jawsdeal.com Technique kostenpfl. yes noyesfor.com women’s fashion 0,00 € yes jayesstyle.com fashion from 0,00 € yes jayoyoon.com love 0,00 € yes jazSupplies.com decoration ~ 4,00 € yes no GartenzaunHallo, someone has an idea where I gardening China can buy, have already searched everything and found nothing Why? You order your NO-NAME clothes directly from China? If there were at least Nike, Gucci or Balenciaga on it … okay, but so? Meaningless high ten. Especially when even the Otto catalog offers the clothes cheaper. My tip for you: Just have a look at ebay. Since the filter “article location ” simply set to worldwide. I buy at zaful.de and romwe.deI buy my clothes at zaful.de and romwe.de for ages. Everything is going great …


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