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Trailer Casting and reviews User reviews Press reviews FILMSTARTS criticism Pictures VoD Blu-ray, DVD Music Trivia Einspielergebnis Related films News Criticism of the FILMSTARTS editorial office About ten years ago, the media almost always talked about the “fatherless society”. Meanwhile, the waves have smoothed again something. The catchy, so versatile catchword still haunts the discussions and the discourses. But it no longer provokes these knee-jerk controversies that once surrounded it. The German filmmaker Christoph Röhl is benefiting from this. His feature film debut “A Part of Me” is a wonderfully quiet and relaxed drama about two children of this fatherless society who become parents too early. Quite unobtrusive, Christoph Röhl tells an ultimately everyday story that completely turns the lives of those affected upside down. He approaches his characters and their problems so sensitively and calmly that he can avoid all the typical “TV Movie of the Week” traps and clichés in which so many other films tap into unwanted pregnancies among teenagers. The Einser student Jonas (Ludwig Trepte, Sister Heart, Seven Days Sunday) really did not expect that. So far everything went according to plan for the 16-year-old. Even his father, who left him and his mother years ago, did not miss him very much. But then suddenly everything changes for him when 17-year-old Vicky (Karoline Teska, The Boxer, The Wave) reveals that she’s pregnant with him. The two had met a few months earlier at a party and then immediately went their way again. Jonas is trying again. Only Vicky reappears with him a few weeks after the birth of her daughter. Actually, he still does not want to know anything about her and the child. But he has to think, who has not even told his mother (Lena Stolze, The White Rose, In the end come tourists, vision) something, but still constantly to the two. “Part of me” is next to Wolfgang Fischer’s extremely disturbing drama “What you do not see”, in which also Ludwig Trepte plays the main role, certainly the most mature and impressive debuts in German cinema in recent years. The matter of course, with which Christoph Röhl always sets the right tone in every moment and often gets along without words, is truly admirable. In atmospherically incredibly dense scenes and images, he captures the lives of two teenagers, both of whom are trying in their own way to make the most of a complicated situation. Of course, not everything works as it should. Jonas’ Vogel-Strauß-Politik not only drives Vicky almost to stink. Nevertheless, the film does not even judge him or his behavior. Even in the moments when Jonas deliberately behaves impossibly and Vicky brutally offended, lets Ludwig Treptes tremendously accurate and intense game divine the inner struggle that this teenager carries off with himself day by day. Vicky’s pregnancy and the birth of his daughter have created a situation for which there is no easy solution – even if his and Vicky’s mother Laura (Julia Richter, “Sass”, “What I know of her”) about a cup of coffee to a supposed Come solution, which is of course only about the money. Vicky and Jonas, both grown up without a father, turn out to be – and this is the astonishing punchline of Christoph Röhl’s debut – more sensible and adult than their parents. Unlike their fathers, none of them escapes the responsibility the baby brings – Jonas just needs a little more time. And unlike their mothers, they are looking for a way to bring their lives and feelings into true harmony. That could also be understood as a commentary on the whole discussion about the “fatherless society”. Only Christoph Röhl’s poetic debut can not be reduced to such a clear statement. Do you wish to view more reviews? The latest FILMSTARTS reviewsThe best films of all time: User opinionThe best films of all time: Press comments Comments Our latest reviews FILMSTARTS reviews The best movies in the cinema All the best movies in the cinema


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