E-scooter test 2019 – the best e-scooters test winner with approval

E-scooter road signEven if e-scooters currently do not have a valid street legal in Germany, it is still important to inform extensively in advance. If you are in love with a purchase, you should take a look at the E-Scooter Test 2019 and its test winners. We also explain which factors should be considered when choosing the right scooter.E-scooter test 2019 – the best e-scootersThe best e-scooters from the test are the following models: It remains to wait if even magazines such as the Stiftung Warentest soon E-scooter test.Xiaomi Mija M365 e-scooter testXiaomi M365 e-scooterThe foldable Xiaomi Mija M365 e-scooter is ideal for beginners who want to discover this trendy mobility trend for themselves. Fully charged, the battery allows a maximum range of 30 kilometers (after a charging time of 5.5 hours). The maximum speed is given as 25 km / h, the engine brings a maximum power of 250 watts to the road. If you opt for the usable power-saving mode, you still reach 18 km / h. The Xiaomi M364 does not have street legal approval, so it can only be used for private hobby use. This is common for such electronic mobility aids. This e-scooter weighs 12.5 kilos and maximum load is specified in the manufacturer’s description 100 kilos. The ability to fold this e-scooter in a few simple steps, it can be flexibly transported. On board is a front and rear light. The e-scooter Xiaomi M365 captivates in its handling by its beginner-friendliness: All functions declare themselves, so that you can easily accelerate immediately. To be on the safe side, he can also be used in the starting phase as a conventional scooter. The acceleration can be selected steplessly with a switch. In particular, users praise the quiet and safe handling, with the 8.5-inch rubber tires provide a noticeably good grip. Although uneven paths can be passed well with the air-filled rubber tires. However, they are also more susceptible to plates. Meanwhile, there is a new version, the Xiaomi Mija M365 Pro. There is not much new. it has a bigger battery and a bit more power. Unfortunately, the Xiaomi M365 Pro does not meet the legal requirements and is unlikely to be eligible. More models in the big e-scooter test at epowers.org. The e-scooter laws are also explained there.SXT Light Plus / Facelift E-scooter TestSXT Light Plus FaceliftWith a weight of just 10.8 kilograms, the SXT Light Plus / Facelift is one of the lightest escooter. Even the term ‘Plus / Facelift’ shows that you can literally depart from many innovations compared to the predecessor model. The powerful, brushless DC hub motor with 500 watts of power brings it to a top speed of up to 30 km / h. The integrated brake system uses KERS technology to provide an innovative solution for energy recovery (known from Formula 1). The braking distance has been shortened in this e-scooter, so you have more safety on fast rides on board. Users praise the pleasant comfort, which is ensured by the powerful shock absorbers front and rear. The robust rubber tires provide a good grip even in wet conditions. The low weight is in no case at the expense of stability, because the field-proven lightweight aluminum is used. The very compact and foldable construction ensures that you can take this e-scooter practically anywhere. The Cruise Control is activated for a very pleasant driving pleasure: With this option the cruise control ensures a constant speed without having to step on the gas pedal. Roadworthy e-scooter – the regulationsTo approve the e-scooter under the eKFV (Electric Vehicle Regulation), a number of conditions must be observed: a general type approval or individual type approval is required. A company nameplate with “small electrical vehicle” and a type identification number plate must be present on the vehicle The liability insurance is proven with the aforementioned insurance label, which changes annually as in Mofas.Modelle can ride upright or seated and have a Lenkstange.Uochstgeschwindigkeiten are 12 km / h for drivers between 12 and 14 years, at 20 km / h for drivers over 14 years of age. Specifications for measurements are a total length up to 200 cm, total width up to 70 cm and total height of 140 cm. The weight (vehicle only) must not exceed 55 kg. Lighting consists of front and rear lights as well as brake light. Brake is provided with two separate brake systems. The regulation is a light-emitting bell. The obligation to provide a helmet does not exist. Maximum power should not exceed 500 watts. Ninebot ES1 e-scooter TestNinebot ES1 The built-in battery allows for a charging time of about 3.5 hours, a range of about 25 kilometers. You can …


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