Is it still useful to study Greek and Latin?

Edit: I insert a link to this extraordinary article: “How (not) Latin is taught” – Prof. Luigi MiragliaNo. Paolo Lo Re made an egregious defense of Latin and ancient Greek in the schools (which I endorse), yet he fully granted the original question: no, Latin and Greek are not useful. They are other, but they are not useful. The Greeks are the most intelligent people ever appeared on Earth, and even the Romans were not joking (if they could see who lives in Rome today they would cry bitter tears …). We are tragically children of the Christian Middle Ages. We would like to be children of the Greeks and Romans, but we are not. These were civilizations infinitely superior to ours. These knew so many things that we have forgotten, and that in part we have not yet rediscovered – because we have taken other roads, towards total ignorance! However, we must not know ancient Greek and Latin to read ancient literature and philosophy. It is perfectly possible to read everything in translation. It must be said that the ancient Greek and the Latin are studied for five years and then they do not know Greek and Latin, which is depressing. Better a thing done well than two made bad or very badly. What sense does it make to fill the mouth of the nobility and the importance of these civilizations and old glories, if then in practice you learn nothing or learn very little? In addition to insult, there is also an age problem: for those interested, Greek and Latin should be studied (well, please) at the university, where students choose. In adolescence they are only instruments for the torture of young minds. They already were twenty years ago, let alone today! How long do we have to maintain the priorities of the Italian neo-idealists of the 1930s? Perhaps a whole century can suffice. Among other things, compliance with those priorities has been only formal for decades, because students do not know Greek and Latin. At school there would be hundreds of subjects to study, and it is not possible to study them all. I spent my adolescence studying Greek and Latin and then I didn’t know Greek and Latin, and I wouldn’t do it again. Bad choice, I regret it. I do not regret having studied Greek and Latin; I regret what I have NOT studied to make room for Greek and Latin! It is not a remorse, it is a regret. 🙂 In the 21st century a person cannot be said to be educated if he does not know mathematics (including elements of analysis), physics, chemistry, and biology (at least middle-high schools). For these subjects, it is too late at university. They must be known before. Then there would be everything else. There is too much to do and too little time to do it. Greek and Latin are seven hours a week of classroom time only (at least twenty years ago it was so). And in the end the students do not know Greek and Latin. It is madness. Did I mention that Greek and Latin students do not know Greek and Latin?

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