The new PC games 2019 and 2020: Games releases with update to Doom Eternal, Football Manager 2020, Life is Strange 2

Table of Contents Note: The list of game releases was reworked in October. Changes can be made to Doom Eternal, Football Manager 2020, Life is Strange 2 (Complete). What new PC games will be released in 2019/2020? PCGH is offering an ever-expanding list of PC games that have been announced for 2019 and 2020, or are expected to appear in those years. Of course, the quality of the statements of such a list at the beginning of the year is worse than during the year, which is why the roadmap should be treated with caution, especially for the title 2020. Not all release dates of the PC Games 2019/2020 can be met, sometimes There are also deadline changes at short notice. We ask you to take this into account. You will find in our list more than 50 games for 2019/2020, which have a fixed date. There are also over 40 games scheduled to arrive in 2020 or later. This number of new products will grow significantly in the coming weeks and months. And by further announcements, by release shifts of games and by your reports – because we can under no circumstances make the claim to know about all games in the coming year. 15:45 PC-Releases 2019 – New PC Games-Highlights Which games 2019/2020 are you most looking forward to, as long as the list of game releases is not completely thrown overboard? Use the comment function and tell us your favorites. Do not miss the action games and shooters, which we present in a separate article. In addition, you will find in another article the action role-playing games and MMOs in a synopsis.Reklame: Cheap PC download games now order at Alternate [PLUS] Alternatives to ultra-details in games – 0 Euro software Mod instead of expensive graphics card PCGH Plus: Maximum settings conjure up the most beautiful graphics on the screen, but also cost a lot of power. We looked at sensible options for the current GPU middle class. The article is from PC Games Hardware 07 / 2019.more … to the article Games News 2019 and 2020: Releases in the Overview All Game Releases at a Glance: Here you will find the current version of the release list of all PC games, which are currently announced for 2018 and 2019, or at least have some chance of appearing in the current or next year. General notes: The red marked entries usually document changes, completely new games are marked accordingly. Green marked PC Games have already been released. A distinction is made between early access and final release. PC Games 2019 Developer / Publisher Game Genre Early Access Release (green) JANUARY 2019 The Walking Dead: Final Season Episode 3 Skybound Games Adventure 1/15/2019 Life Is Strange 2 Episode 2 Dontnod / Square Adventure 1/24/2019 Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 Tindalos / Focus Space Battles 1/24/2019 Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom Horror Game 1/25/2019 FEBRUARY 2019 Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Bandai Namco Aircraft Action Game 02/01/2019 Crackdown 3 Sumo Digital / Microsoft Action 15.02.2019 Crackdown 3 Sumo Digital / Microsoft Action 15.02.2019 Metro: Exodus 4A Games / THQ Nordic Shooting 15.02.2019 Anthem Bioware / EA Shooter (15.02.2019) 22.02.2019 Trials Rising Red Lynx / Ubisoft Racing Game 26.02.2019 Dirt Rally 2 Codemasters Racing Game 26.02.2019 MARCH 2019 Dead or Alive 6 Team Ninja / KOEI Spanking 01.03.2019 Left Alive Square Enix Shooter 3/5/2019 Devil May Cry 5 Capcom Ac tion game 08.03.2019 The Division 2 Ubisoft Tactics Shooter 15.03.2019 Sekiro: Shadows The Twice From Software / Activision Action-Adventure 22.03.2019 Generation Zero Avalanche / THQ Nordic 80s Shooter 26.03.2019 Tropico 6 Kalypso Strategy 29.03.2019 APRIL / MAY 2019 Borderlands GOTY Gearbox / 2K Loot Shooter 03/04/2019 Anno 1800 Blue Byte / Ubisoft Construction Strategy Game 4/16/2019 World War Z Saber Interactive / Focus Shooter 4/16/2019 Mortal Kombat 11 Netherrealm / Warner Fighting Game 23/04/2019 Imperator: Rome Paradox Global Strategy 25.04.2019 Fade to Silence Black Forest / THQ Nordic Survival Game 14.12.2017 30.04.2019 UBOAT Deep Water Studio U-Boat-Sim 30.04.2019 Yakuza 2 Sega Action-Adventure 09.05.2019 A Plague Tale Asobo / Focus Home Action-Adventure 05/14/2019 Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Rebellion Shooter 14.05.2019 Rage 2 id Software / Avalanche / Bethesda End Shooter 14.05.2019 Total War Three Kingdoms Creative Assembly real-time strategy 23.05.2019 Assetto Corsa Competizione Kunos Simulazioni Racing Game 12.09.2018 29.05.2019 Conan Unconquered Petroglyph / Funcom Strategy 29.05.2019 JUNE / JULY 2019 Barotrauma Fakefish / Daedalic Submarine Survival …


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