The Best Action Games 2019: These are our Top 20

Now with Plus read everything on one page 12 months Lowest price Access to all exclusive articles, videos & podcast episodes Ad freedom on & On goes ‘s 3 months 14% against Flexi subscription save access to all exclusive Articles, videos & podcast episodes Ad freedom at & Let’s go 1 month Monthly paceable Access to all exclusive articles, videos & podcast episodes Ad freedom on & Let’s go! If you love action games will find it here. These top 20 games have received the best ratings in the last two years. by Robin Rüther, Johannes Rohe, 27.09.2019 11:36 Uhr Action-Charts 09/2019 – Double Comeback Robin Rüther (@GameStar_en) Autumn has begun, it is getting colder again. Things got really hot in the playground in September. With Gears 5 and Borderlands 3 we have two new arrivals in the action charts. For this Dragonball FighterZ and Steamworld Dig 2 had to say goodbye. But September had even more to offer: among the other candidates who did not quite make it to the list is the survival adventure Green Hell. There you fight for survival in the Amazon rainforest against dozens of dangers.The Rogue-Lite Children of Morta convinces meanwhile with an emotional story and an innovative skill system. And the Metroidvania Blasphemous lures with its grotesque boss design. Every action fan should get their money’s worth. Latest Tests, News and Action-Video Videos Test: Borderlands 3 – An (almost) perfect comeback test: Gears 5 – The definition of an action blockbuster Preview: Why we fear further disappointment after playing Need for Speed ​​Heat Special: Secret factions in Division 2: Phantoms and Chainsaw Killer Toplist: The 250 Best PC Games Ever How our Top Lists work? On we test all relevant action games, but not every title has what it takes to hit. In our top list of the best action games 2019 you will find at a glance the 20 games with the currently highest GameStar rating. As soon as it creates a new action highlight in this circle of the chosen ones, this overview will of course be brought up to date. By the way: If you are interested in our action-game-ratings of the past six months, we recommend our action-charts-overview. 20. Battlefield 5 – Ranking: 87 Battlefield 5 continues World War II after World War II sets up Battlefield 1. And how! Apart from a weak single-player campaign, the multiplayer convinces with atmospheric and huge maps that are balanced for every style of play – from Rotterdam via the North African Map Hamada to the frosty Narvik in Norway. Battlefield 5 – Screenshots ansehen Lately, you’re pulling reinforcements like sandbags and additional ramparts, reinforcing your defense. And what would a Battlefield be without vehicles? You roll on the German side with the heavy tank Tiger I over the battlefield, fights as Englishman in the Spitfire for the air sovereignty and destroyed in the Bristol Blenheim important ground targets. For long-term motivation provide weapon upgrades and a perk system. And supply is also taken care of: all DLCs come for free on the market, the Premium Pass is a thing of the past. Developer: EA DICE Release Date: Nov 20, 2018 Platform: PC, PS 4, Xbox One, Switch GameStar Rating: 87 Battlefield 5’s GameStar Test 19. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Rating: 87 Adrenalin-charged multiplayer , Medals, Scorestreaks and Multikills: That’s Call of Duty, as it says in the book. In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 modes such as Team Deatmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination are just a part of the game. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – screenshots With Blackout, Treyarch packs a Battle Royale mode, in which you even spill around on production vehicles such as quads, motorboats and helicopters. And the fun does not stop there either. For the classic multiplayer and Battle Royale mode, the developers set a zombie mode with three different scenarios: An arena battle in ancient times, a cruise on the Titanic and dark Alcatraz. The only downer: There is no real singleplayer campaign in Black Ops 4. Developer: Treyarch Release Date: October 12, 2018 Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One GameStar Rating: 87 Call of Duty’s GameStar Test: Black Ops 4 18. Monster Hunter World – Ranking: 87 Dare with Monster Hunter World The legendary Japanese action RPG series in this country first step on the PC, about half a year after the console version and can also convince the computer, despite some flaws in the port absolutely. As part of the fifth fighter fleet, we end up in the New World, which is threatened by the drake senior Zora Magdaros. To our hub city Astera …


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