The 7 most important things in life

Real wealth is more than a well-filled bank account What is important in life There are many things in the life of each individual that are important to him. It is long-cherished wishes that should come true, mostly material things like a beautiful house, a fast car, long journeys and a carefree income with the income. The most important thing in life and what really makes you happy is not having money. You can not buy the joy of life. Here are the 7 most important things in life, which can be individually arranged and supplemented in order of priority. Love is a heavenly power – life is drab without loveOne of the most important things in life is love. Not sexual love is meant, which certainly plays a significant role in a partnership. Rather, it’s about affection and appreciation. Who is not loved, for whom life is a sad matter. The soul is stunted. Severe psychological damage is the result, usually combined with physical symptoms. Especially children who have never experienced love, who grew up with mental and physical violence, suffer from severe developmental disorders. They have a particularly hard time developing self-esteem and finding their role in society. That’s why love is one of the 7 most important things in life. Health is a good thing – He who respects his health has more of life “The man who is too busy caring for his health is like a craftsman who does not have time to care for his tools “. This quote from Spain says a lot about health being one of the most important things in life. If you are seriously ill, you really appreciate the importance of health. He who does good for himself succeeds in strengthening his mental and physical well-being. Taking a break from time to time, enjoying the little things in life instead of working from morning to night is a good way to prevent getting sick. You can not buy health. You can not force them either. It makes sense to eat healthily, to move in the fresh air. But as Paracelus already realized, it always depends on the dose. Anyone who succumbs to the health mania, develops phobias above all, which even approximately “unhealthy” appears, is bordering and is finally cruelly unhappy. Friendship is the connection of souls – Why good friends are among the 7 most important things in lifeThere are many sayings and quotes about friendship. “For the bird, the power of the wings, that’s the friendship for humans: it raises it above the dust of the earth,” is the quote from the Latvian writer Zenta Maurina, who hits the nail on the head. Who has a good friend, not only has a shoulder for crying, but an anchor in life, which also holds stormy tides. Whether you have real friends, usually turns out only when you are in need. Here the chaff separates from the wheat. Friendship is mutual trust and a union of souls that can not be torn apart by externalities. Empathy enables humanity – humanity is indispensable for living together People who are not empathetic are mental cripples. Being able to empathize with another empowers one to better understand many things and to develop the ability to tackle and manage problems. Compassion is one of the so-called “soft skills “, key skills that count towards social skills. Empathic people are committed to society. They do volunteer work in the political, social and cultural fields or work for an intact environment. They contribute a great deal to the common good. For almost every person it is a good feeling to be understood and to feel sympathy. Empathy is indispensable to society and therefore one of the 7 most important things in life. Peace has many facets – Is a life without hatred, destruction and resentment an unfulfillable desire? No day goes by without news of war events: Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Middle East … Every day, people, civilians die and soldiers. The causes are many. Social imbalances, ethnic conflicts, oppression, material interests can trigger war and warlike events. Nobody can answer the question of whether it is ever possible to achieve world peace. Without a doubt, peace is one of the most important things in life. It starts in the microcosm of each individual …


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