These are the most popular German companies

Page 1 of 11 Previous Next Every year, Glassdoor recruiting experts look at which companies have the most satisfied employees. Once a year they present the results. We show you in our weekly ranking, who is the best employer in Germany. A good job with an excellent atmosphere at work is a prerequisite for a happy life. Because when it comes to work on a continuous basis to stress and disputes, suffers sooner or later, the private life underneath. It is all the more important to find a suitable employer in all situations and at all ages. But who is actually the best employer in Germany? Every year the Glassdoor job and recruiting portal deals with this question. In order to clarify the question of the best employer, the platform analyzes the voluntary and anonymous feedback of the employees. Whoever wants to become the best employer needs at least 20 employee evaluations during the investigation period. These, in turn, must complete all eight categories. These include, for example, the overall rating, the career opportunities and also the culture of the company. Best employers: these are the German top ten Compared to the previous year, there was a new leader in the latest evaluation. The previous best employer “Bain & Company” lost even 15 places and does not even land within the first ten placings. We present these today in our weekly ranking. 10th place: Continental tenth place in the current evaluation of the German automotive supplier Continental. Founded in 1871, however, the company also produced other durable goods throughout its history. This includes, for example, a typewriter. → Here you can find vacancies at Continental Place 10: Continental. (Photo: / FotoArt-Treu) Go back and forth with the arrows under the heading. Do not pay too much for your contracts! Better use our comparison calculator and find the cheapest deal that suits you – whether Internet, mobile phone, finance or insurance. What are you waiting for? Try it directly! Also interesting for you About the author Christian Erxleben Christian Erxleben has been Editor-in-Chief of BASIC thinking since the end of 2017. Previously, he worked as Head of Social Media and Head of Social Media at BASIC thinking. His way to BASIC thinking was via the Nürnberger Nachrichten, Focus Online and the INTERNET WORLD Business. Professionally and privately he loves and lives social media.


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