What makes the French think they are the best chefs in the world?

A list was recently presented in order to establish which were the best 100 chefs in the world, and the ranking is called Best Chef in the World 2019. The competition was attended by all the 2 and 3 Michelin star chefs from the world countries in where the guide is present, and was a Frenchman on the podium, the chef Arnaud Donckele, number 1 of the Best Chef in the World 2019. Here is the complete list [1] (the first Italian to appear is at position 26 , Enrico Crippa): Top ten (as you can see, already only in the top ten, out of ten, five are French, so it seems to me that I deserved the title of “among the best chefs in the world”, am I wrong?): 1 . Arnaud Donckele – Residence De La Pinede (Saint Tropez, France) 2. Michel Troisgros – Maison Troisgros Restaurant (Ouches, France) 3. Jonnie Boer – De Librije (Netherlands) 4. Yannick Alleno – Alleno Paris (Paris, France) 5. Seiji Yamamoto – Nihonryori Ryugin (Tokyo, Japan) 6. Paul Pairet – Ultraviolet (China) 7. Emmanuel Renaut – Flocons De Sel (Megève, France) 8. David Kinch – Manresa (California, United States) 9. Alexandre Couillon – La Marine (France) 10. Rene Redzepi – Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark) Let’s look at some other source, for example this one, dating back to 2017, the “The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants 2017” [2]. We can see how, on the podium, there is an Italian, a Spanish and a French, the “Mirazur” of Menton, France. It seems to me an excellent position. For what concerns my very ignorant vision, not being a culinary critic, and based on the little experience of what I could taste (happily and with immense satisfaction) in France, and above all on the basis of rankings and various sources, I can certainly say that the French are among the best cooks in the world. I don’t say the best because it is a connotation that turns out to be ineffective in any case. There are no ” the best ”, there are those who are among the best and those who win rankings, each year different, with the results therefore always different. You can speak, generically, of which are valued as the best restaurants in the world, for example, or who the best chefs are right now, exactly with the same principle that applies to any other classification. Last year it was France that won the world championship, so for that world it is correct to say that it was the strongest team, but if you look at other parameters or other moments, perhaps talking about the best current national team teams, the France is not the best, but among the best. Footnotes [1] Best Chef in the World 2019. Enrico Crippa is the first among Italians [2] 1-50 The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

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