Meet the 10 most expensive cuts of meat in the world

It is the time of the year when your mouth is watering when you smell the aroma of barbecues and meats that seep through the open windows. As the sun sets, summer melodies are heard outside the courtyards; Everyone stops their march while the grill cooks dinner. What better than a charred summer steak and a cold drink? Well, maybe an exclusive Japanese Wagyu charcoal meat or a Kobe cut, to be more specific. While not everyone has had the opportunity to sink their teeth into Wagyu fillets, the most expensive meat in the world – of which Kobe is an elite species – there are a lot of cuts of meat out there that could make a serious dent in your purse. Why so expensive? The Japanese cattle where these expensive steaks come from are the most spoiled in the world, and rumors say they even occasionally take the cow to the spa for an occasional massage. They eat only rice, corn and barley, and drink pure filtered water. Your lifestyle is designed so that your meat passes strict codes and standards for the weight, lineage and streaks of fat that are considered in Kobe quality. It is a first world cow. But the result is to melt in your mouth cuts of meat with layers of fat that can be so pale when it is raw and that acquires an off-white tone. While you may not be able to pay for beef from this list, you can still enjoy a barbecue with sirloin that doesn’t require such a strong budget. And of course here we present a list of the 10 most expensive fillets in the world. A meat that, without a doubt, is premium quality and for those who do not mind spending. 10. Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye Cheesesteak – $ 100 The Barclay Prime in Philadelphia begins this list of high-quality meat delicacies with a twist on classic cheese and meat. Wagyu rib-eye is cut with foie gras and sprinkled with truffles, cheese, caramelized onions, tanned tomatoes and a homemade brioche bread. This inspiring sandwich is topped with a glass of Dom Perignon 2000. It is an occasional high-flying dish that could win almost any girl at a special dinner, with her delicious creativity and lovely pairing. 9. Wagyu Tomahawk – $ 109 Wagyu Tomahawk meat is not for the faint of heart, and it looks like armed meat on the plate, it is served in a Rhode Island restaurant for $ 109. The Providence started serving the steak about two years ago, but if you look for it on the menu it won’t be there. According to the restaurant manager, it is only served à la carte. The novelty of the rib, with its 623 grams the bone resembling an ax, does not weigh less than 850 grams. While the restaurant was originally worried that the price would throw out to customers, the opposite happened: the dish is ordered 30-40 times a week. Sometimes expensive meat is worth it, especially when it is served with caveman style. 8. Wagyu Sin Sumibiyaki – $ 139 The Zuma restaurant in London offers Japanese barbecue sushi in a haute cuisine environment, and the Wagyu Sin Sumibiyaki is on the menu. It is a grilled rib served with citrus daikon ponzu sauce. The restaurant, located at the Dubai International Financial Center, is not for occasional diners. But according to the restaurants that serve it, it’s worth every penny. 7. Wagyu Rib-Eye – $ 144 This 226 gram Wagyu rib-eye costs $ 144 at the Beverly Hills ’Cut restaurant. As the renowned chef Wolfgang Puck Baby says, you know that the meat will be good – in fact, the Wagyu is a highlight on the menu. The meat is so tender that you hardly need to cut it with a knife, according to a happy customer. While it is clear that Wagyu is the star of the show at this place, the restaurant regularly offers New York beef tenderloin, which are so popular. “Cut” has been rated as one of the best steakhouses in the United States by Forbes magazine. 6. Wagyu Kobe Steak – $ 144 The Nobu restaurant in Dallas offers a…


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