Connect to PlayStation Network | PlayStation®4 User Guide

To connect to PlayStation ™ Network, select (Settings)> [Gestion du compte]> [Connexion à PlayStation Network]. For more information on PlayStation ™ Network, see “PlayStation ™ Network”. PlayStation ™ Network is only available in certain countries and regions, and in some languages. For more details, visit the technical support website for your country or region. After logging in, you stay logged in until you log out manually. When you sign in to PlayStation ™ Network for the first time, the displayed user name is replaced with the real name registered with your account. Use an account created on another device To use an account that has been created on a PS3 ™ system or PS Vita system, enter your login ID (email address) and password, and select [Connexion]. Create a new account Select [Première visite sur PlayStation™Network? Créer un compte], then follow the instructions on the screen to create a new account. To create an account, enter an email address and personal information of the person who is registering the account, such as birth date, real name, and address. For more information on how this personal information is processed, see “Data Processing Health and Safety ” or the SIE Web site for your country or region. After creating an account, you will receive a message to the registered email address for your account. Follow the instructions in the message to complete the confirmation process. You can also create an account by visiting this website. Back to top Previous Next


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