Configure the VPN on your iPhone (iOS)

1Install the VPNFacile applicationEnter your username and password.Client before November 07, 2018: Go to the member area to verify that your mobile access password is saved (a notification is displayed on the main page if this is not the case). If you are not notified, your mobile password is already registered, so you do not have to do anything.Choose the VPN server of your choice. You can then change your choice whenever you want.4Create the connectionClick on the Login button.Allow the creation of the VPN connection by clicking Allow or Allow.Attention: you will need after this step enter or your code or use Touch ID.Click the green Connect button and wait a few seconds. A VPN icon appears on the top left of your screen, this icon indicates that the VPN is connected. You can check the change of IP address via this link: https: //


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