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Content updated on September 18, 2019In 2018, a large number of new civilian drone models have appeared in a competitive and ever-changing market. Many of these multirotors have introduced new technologies never used before, particularly in the areas of tracking and recognition of subjects and at the level of detection and avoidance of obstacles. The trend here is definitely to portability and miniaturization! This makes the buying process quite complex, especially when you do not have the resources to really test these products before you buy them. Follow the guide for an overview and our comparisons of the best drones in 2019! My Comparison of the Best Drones with Camera in 2019Mavic 2 Pro – DJIPfor the nomads with the demanding needsDrone compactExcellent signal and rangeAutonomy 31 mnsAssistance in flight, intelligent flight modes 4K omnidirectional obstacle / quality avoidance / Photo 20MP – CMOS sensor 1 InchMany accessories availableRead the TestAnafi – ParrotFor beginners wishing to evolve quicklyUltra-light and quiet in flightEasy to use, perfect to start 25-minute flight savingFlying smart modes and quick start CMOS sensor 1 / 2.4 ” – Lossless Digital Zoom – 4K @ 30 ips, 1080 @ 60 ips – 21 MP Photos – 180 Degree Tilt BasketRead the TestPhantom 4 Pro V2 Plus – DJBest Onboard CMOS Camera 1 Inch with 24mm Lens f /2.8 and mechanical shutter4k at 60fps / 20MP for RAW / JPEG photoopensection and omni obstacle avoidance directionalFlight support, many intelligent flight modesExceptional stabilizationExcellent signal quality and rangeRead the TestMavic 2 Zoom – Mavic DJILe with optical zoomCamera 1 / 2.3 “CMOS – 12MP Sony – 4k @ 30 ipsAutonomy 31 mnsOn-directional obstacle detection and avoidanceFlight assistance, many intelligent flight modesOptical zoom x 2 (24mm-48mm) Excellent quality and signal rangeRead the TestBebop 2 Power – ParrotPerfect to get started Easy to flyExcellent battery lifeCompatible with Skycontroller 2 and CockpitglassesFlight support, intelligent flight modesFull HD 1080 cameraRead the TestMavic Air – DJIU ultra-portable version of the Mavic ProDrone Ultra Compact and lightweightEasy to fly, in-flight assistance, intelligent flight modes.Internal memory 8 GBCamera 4K @ 30ips – Photos 12MPAutonomy env 17 mnsRead the TestSpark – DJIUn Mini Drone perfect to start and do Photo / VideoDrone Ultra Compact and LightweightEasy to pilot, flight support, intelligent flight modes.Nervous and fun to flyCIMS sensor 1 / 2.3 “1080p mechanically stabilized – 12MPAvailability approx 16 minutesRead the TestTyphoon H Plus – YuneecHeelacopter at an affordable priceHéxacoptère with rotation of the basket 360 degreesFacile to fly , in-flight support, intelligent flight modes.Excellent radio control with integrated touchscreen CMOS sensor 1inch – 4kUHD @ 60fps – 20MPDiscovering obstacles on the frontAutonomy approx 25 minutesRead the TestInspire 2 – DJILe drone Professional referenceHexacopter with rotation of the basket to 360 degreesDriving flight stability, maximum speed approx 100km / h, Robustness of the signal in flightDetection and avoidance of omnidirectional obstaclesSeveral cameras available in optionCompatibility CinemaDNG and Apple ProResDouble battery – approx 27 mins flight per batteryIn this table you will find the current best sellers on the market as well as the most perfected drones Ormants for the photo / video. I limited myself to drones with camera not exceeding a budget of about 2000 euros (excluding Inspire 2). Be careful though to the hidden costs of your purchase! The qualities of these products are measured at different levels: design and finishes, performance and redundancy in flight, optical qualities, autonomy, innovation, intelligent flight systems, piloting assistance, shooting aids, prices and spare parts available.This table includes a selection of the top drones of the moment in these 3 categories: Best drones with embedded camerasMinis drones to make videoDrones professionalNote: Values ​​are given purely for indicative in this table! Manufacturers are often too optimistic especially in terms of autonomy in flight and scope. Also be careful to check what is included in your pack before any purchase to not have any surprises about additional costs! WARNINGSEdito: I do not recommends more the 3DR Solo that is currently being sold off by the company, which has decided to withdraw from the market of civilian drones. Too bad because this drone was rather promising … and one less player on the market! The drone is still maintained by the community but will not be updated any more …


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