Comparative 2019 of the best drones to less than 100 euros

This test was conducted in the United States and was originally published in English on the Wirecutter website. You can read it here in its original version. After spending forty hours looking for drones available for less than 100 euros, to remember a dozen of the best rated, then to circulate in our obstacle course, we believe that the Parrot Mambo Fly is the best choice for beginners in search of aerial pleasure. The Mambo Fly effectively maintains its position in the air, even when there is wind, which allows to focus on the flight to learn the subtleties of manual flying. It takes less than a minute to unpack the Parrot Mambo Fly and start flying. In addition to its ability to effectively maintain its position, automatic take-off and acrobatics programs make it ideal for new pilots. Control stability does not sacrifice speed or agility, allowing experienced pilots to have fun too. You can also add accessories like a camera, goggles for an immersion flight (FPV) or a gun that fires small balls. We recommend everyone to buy the Parrot Flypad remote control, thanks to which the movements are easier to control precisely than on the application. If you can not find the Parrot Mambo Fly, think of the Parrot Swing: it also knows how to maintain a stable position in the wind. Its unusual shape, with wings that form an X, allows it to go from a helicopter mode, suitable for beginners, to an airplane mode where it tilts forward to fly faster. Thanks to these two modes, the drone will be able to evolve with you when you gain competence. However, our favorite, the Mambo Fly, is faster and more agile, and offers a choice of optional accessories. So we found it even more fun to ride than the Swing. If photography interests you more than obstacle courses, you can consider DJI Tello. His 5MP video camera shooting in 720p does not play in the heart of accomplished camera drones, nor even in that of modern smartphones, but it’s a fun and useful gadget, especially thanks to its ability to shoot you and shoot you automatically. from the air. He also knows how to perform acrobatics, just throw it in the air to put it in flight, and its endurance of thirteen minutes exceeds all other affordable drones we tested. As our first choice, the Tello is easy to fly and maintains its position even in the wind, but it is the slowest among the models we recommend. The complete test Why trust us Who are these drones for? How we chose them How we tested them Our first choice of drone: the Parrot Mambo Fly Non-crippling defects Our second choice of drone: the Parrot Swing Excellent also: DJI Tello Competitor drones Summary Why trust us I’ve spent the last six years reporting on the democratization of recreational drones, including quadrotors (also known as “quadricopteran” anglicism), dedicated to photography. , and their smaller and more agile cousins ​​designed for racing. I flew drones for hundreds of hours in all sorts of environments, which allowed me to understand their capabilities and uses in depth. In preparing this guide, we scoured sites such as Amazon and Banggood in search of popular drones. We also consulted the existing purchasing guides and interviewed three experts: Brand Cornblatt, CEO of the Aerial Sports League; Brandon Reinert, who sells drones at the Hub Hobby Leisure Shop in the US Midwest; Sean Wendland, a drone pilot who runs the Flight Club Lab, dedicated to these flying machines. Who are these drones for? The appeal of drones is obvious to anyone who has ever seen them fly. Whether you want to make spectacular aerial videos or race at 100 kilometers per hour, the drone is one of the most accessible routes to the dream of Icarus. However, not everyone is willing to spend hundreds of euros to buy one. A good photographic drone often costs a thousand euros or more. But if you want …


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