How to use a muscle electrostimulator?

The use of a muscle stimulator is simple, but it has some peculiarities that it is essential to know before use. It is not enough to connect the electrodes. Depending on the desired objective, the electro-stimulator will have to be placed and programmed in a certain way. In this article we give you all the necessary indications to effectively use your electrostimulator: 1. How to use a muscle stimulator easily The use of a device such as the muscle stimulator in the form of an I-motion garment is much easier than other low level alternatives. And especially, because it has more than 20 predefined programs. But, despite everything, you need to know the main steps and factors that you need to take into account to use it easily and effectively. A. Clearly Determine the Purposes for Which You Use Electrostimulation Before starting a session with the muscle stimulator: You must determine which goals you want to achieve. The use of this device differs in effect depending on its use: improve the tone of your muscles, promote the elimination of fluids or reduce muscle pain, are just as many possible cases. B. Check its condition and place the electrodes well It is always necessary to check that your electrostimulator is in good condition. Especially if it is a device used by all of your customers. It is essential that each electrode is placed on the area to be worked. The distance between the electrodes is also important. You must keep in mind that when they are very close, their action is more localized. Conversely, when they are further away, they work a larger area. It is generally recommended to slightly moisten the skin for better adhesion of the electrodes. The use of a damp cloth may be a good way to do it, although the best recommendation is to use a proper gel. In any case, it is always important to know the manufacturer’s recommendations and to follow them. In the case of devices with wireless electrostimulation like the i-Motion muscle stimulator, it’s much simpler. C. Program the muscle stimulator Does your muscle stimulator have programs? If so, check which one is best for your goals. In this way, you can easily determine which program is the most suitable. Do you want to use custom programming? No problem, you only have to adjust the necessary parameters to get the benefits you want to achieve using the muscle stimulator. The optimization of the time, each type of pulse and frequency throughout the session are therefore programmed for specific reasons. D. Prepare for a Session with the Muscle Stimulator If you are about to use a muscle stimulation device, be sure to make available the extra equipment you will need (dumbbells, weights, etc …) . Is the purpose of the session muscle relaxation or an aesthetic electrostimulation session? It is important that your posture is sufficient for the device to work properly on the area to be treated and you will feel comfortable for the duration of the session. D. After the session, take care of your pacemaker Once your session is over, remove the device, electrodes or electro-stimulation clothing. Whether it is personal or professional equipment, it is important to keep it following the manufacturer’s advice. E. Set the date of the next session The electrical stimulator should not be used with the same frequency depending on the type of use: muscle development, muscle pain reduction, aesthetics … Evaluate the indicated frequency of use in each case and set the date of the next session. Using an electrostimulator in an efficient way is safe and very simple. Especially if it has pre-designed programs for different types of use. If you want to find out more, ask for your free demo:


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