How to use an electrostimulator effectively?

BenoIt16 April 201830 July 2018 Have you ever heard of electrostimulation? These miraculous devices that are supposed to muscle you without providing the least effort … And yes, it exists! In fact, electrostimulation works from a very simple principle: voluntarily provoke the contraction of the muscles and make them work thanks to the electrical stimulation generated by the electrodes placed on certain parts of the body. But if you think that you can really inflate your muscles just sitting in your chair, and you’re wrong. To take advantage of electrostimulation and obtain better results, you will have to know how to use it effectively and especially to adopt the right technique. Understand how electrostimulation works If you are looking to lose weight, all you will succeed in losing with electrostimulation will be your time. Know first that the main function of electrostimulation is to muscle you effortlessly and not to lose weight.Even launched at its maximum intensity, the electrical stimulation sent by the electro-stimulator will never be enough to make you spend enough calories and slim down.To lose weight, it will be necessary to put to sport. Nevertheless, combined with regular physical activity, electrostimulation can help your weight loss and keep you fit. This method is also valid for those who want to build muscle effectively. Electrostimulation, alone, will only tone your body and at best, develop your resistance. If your goal is to carve an athlete’s body, you’ll first have to put on your gym gear and go to the gym. “But electrostimulation is not helpful at the end of the day? ” … Think again. To increase your muscle development, there is nothing more effective than electrostimulation. In order to obtain more satisfactory results, you will simply have to adopt the correct method. Be aware that this method must imperatively involve regular physical activity and good nutrition.Consult the comparison of the best Compex electrosimulators.How to use electrostimulation effectively? To improve your performance and obtain more effective results with electrostimulation, you must to take into account certain techniques of use. The necessary duration The frequency of use The position to be adopted The ideal intensity The phase of recovery There is not really a fixed duration for the sessions of electrostimulation. It will all depend mainly on the goal you want to achieve and the intensity of the stimulation. Obviously, the electrostimulation program necessary for high level athletes will not be the same as for beginners. To give you an idea of ​​the average time required for effective electrostimulation, know that an electrical stimulation of 20 minutes is equivalent at 4 hours of training in the room. In any case, you will not have to worry because the majority of electrostimulation devices already have an average recommended duration. To know how many times a week use electrostimulation, you will have to consider 3 essential points include your fitness level, your level of electrostimulation experience and the program you have chosen. Beginners will have to settle for one or two sessions per week as the body needs to get used to electrical stimulation. . The more athletic can tackle several sessions a week (2 or 3 days) while taking into account the days of rest required for muscle regeneration. essential is that the electrostimulation is carried out in a regular and continuous way. To be able to hope for better results, do not hesitate to accompany your sessions of electrostimulation of some small physical movements. This will allow you to effectively increase the intensity of the contraction and at the same time solicit a maximum of muscle groups simultaneously. The ideal position to adopt will of course depend on the muscle you want to solicit and the program you have chosen. Nevertheless, this practice is not valid for all programs. The recovery program, for example, requires muscles to be as relaxed as possible during stimulation. In addition, you can find all the recommended positions in the user manual of your device. There is also no general rule about the ideal intensity for effective electrostimulation. If you are new to electrostimulation, start with the lowest intensity first. Whenever the sensation becomes more comfortable, gradually increase the intensity without feeling any pain. Know that the higher the intensity, the more stimulation will mobilize a greater amount of muscle fiber. It is this process that promotes your development …


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