How to use Japanese chopsticks?

Baguettes are the equivalent of Western cutlery, used for eating and cooking. As promised in an article about the history of chopsticks and the different existing types, we will show you how to use and handle chopsticks. The use of chopsticks The Japanese cutlery is often limited to chopsticks, these two rods usually lacquered wood, necessary to handle food when the Japanese prepare the meal, as well as to eat. If the chopsticks replace the spoon and the fork, you should know that the knife remains in the kitchen. He kept his weapon status with Asians. In Korea, chopsticks are automatically accompanied by a spoon, unlike other Asian countries. Here are some rules to know about their use The Japanese chopsticks are always used with the right hand, even for left-handers It is not necessary to use chopsticks to prick food Do not play or make noise with chopsticks Chopsticks should not be used to select foods Do not lick chopsticks Do not push containers with chopsticks Chopsticks should not be crossed. When they are not used, they must be placed on the baguette holder, or at the end of the meal, put on the bowl or plate. Do not push the food with the chopsticks. no one with chopsticks Do not transfer chopsticks chopsticks In general, chopsticks are used to stir and take food to bring to the mouth. These rules are learned in Japanese youth from childhood, as well as the good behavior at the table in Western children. The handling of chopsticks The first time, the handling of chopsticks is not always obvious. However, the ability to hold and eat with chopsticks is easily learned. If you do not succeed at the beginning, it will come with a few exercises. The first stick is the one below. It stays still during all its use. It is installed in the hollow between your thumb and your index finger. The middle of the stick rests on the ring finger. The second rod is the one above. It is placed on the index, while its middle rests on the middle finger. It is held in place by the tip of the thumb. These are the index and middle fingers that help you master the handling of chopsticks, as if the middle finger pushed it outwards and the index finger inside. In this video of Geo Beats, you will find an illustration of how to hold and use chopsticks. Separate wooden chopsticks In some restaurants, you will find disposable wooden chopsticks connected to their top end. There is also a technique to separate them without breaking them. You hold each wand firmly with your fingers at two-thirds from the top. With a quick twitch, separate the chopsticks by pulling your forces simultaneously to the outside of each hand. To your chopsticks! Photos: chopsticksBy [cipher] By Stewart from Taipei (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons By Arz (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons chopsticks 2By jekert gwapo


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