How to use Chinese chopsticks?

Why do you think this content is inappropriate? WARNING: this is a way to alert the moderation of the site, this message will not be visible publicly. Philo & spiritualityParanormal & parapsychologyMedium & divination Chinese chopsticks are a very ancient art of divination. It is based entirely on chance and guides you daily, giving you advice and appropriate answers. Here’s how to perform a divinatory draw with these chopsticks. Steps 1. Do not ask questions lightly. Reflection on the title of this one is important. It must be precise and clear. Otherwise, there is a strong possibility that the response will be equally confusing or non-existent. 2. Your state of mind is also important. If you are depressed, the chopsticks will not console you. Their goal is to answer questions, not to support you. 3. As soon as your question is finalized, you will have to prepare a little for the “visit to Tao”. Wash your hands and face, and relax. Sit in a quiet place and formulate your question, either out loud or written down on a piece of paper. 4. Throwing chopsticks is not random. You must firmly hold the container in which the chopsticks are with both hands. Tilt it so that it forms a 90 ° angle with the table (or any other plane). Shake the container slowly so that the chopsticks come out of the container gradually and then straighten it so that there are only a few sticks that come out. 5. If there are more than three chopsticks coming out at the same time, repeat the operation. The answer of the Tao can be read in a single rod. It is possible to read it in three sticks but no more. You just have to read the poem (s) corresponding to the draw. On the same theme Why does an umbrella bring bad luck? Umbrella: an essential item on rainy days. Did you know that there was superstition around this object, which basically only serves to protect? Let’s go around the world of beliefs! How to apply astrology to babies? We ask ourselves a lot of questions when we are mom about her baby. We are sometimes a little helpless in front of this little baby that we get to know. Astrology makes it easier to understand your child and to better accompany him / her on how to draw cards? The drawing of cards is a divination technique used for a long time. Know that it is quite possible to draw the cards yourself. Here are some tips for successful card divination sessions. Find an article on How do we do


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