How to use Bitdefender VPN on Windows

With Bitdefender VPN you can ensure the privacy of your data when you connect to unsecured wireless networks in airports, shops, cafes or hotels. In this way, you can prevent personal data theft or hackers’ attempts to access the IP address of your device. It is also possible to access content that is not available in your area, regardless of which country censors the Internet. VPN acts as a tunnel between your device and the network you use to secure your connection, encrypt your data using technology similar to that used by banks, and hide your IP address. All traffic is redirected to a separate server, making your device almost impossible to identify by the multitude of other devices that use our servers. Opening Bitdefender VPN To access the main Bitdefender VPN interface, do one of the following: • In the notification area • Right-click the notification area icon and select View. . • From the Bitdefender interface: • Click the icon on the left sidebar of the Bitdefender interface. • Click the VPN action button. • From your desktop • Click the Bitdefender VPN icon on your desktop. VPN interface The VPN interface displays the status of the application: connected or disconnected. For users of the free version, the location of the most appropriate server is automatically set by Bitdefender, while users of the Premium version can change the location of the server. To sign in or out, simply click on the status displayed at the top of the screen. The notification area icon shows a green check mark when the VPN is connected, and a red check mark when it is disconnected. When you are logged in, the time spent and the IP address that you have been assigned are displayed at the bottom of the interface. To access other options, click on the icon at the top right: • My Account – displays information about your Bitdefender account and your VPN subscription. Click Change Account if you want to sign in with another account. • Settings: You can customize the product to suit your needs: • Run the VPN when Windows starts • View product notifications • Switch to Premium: If you use the free version, you can upgrade to the Premium version here. Click UPDATE to be redirected to a web page from which you can subscribe. • Support: Contact our customer service if you need help configuring the product. • About: Information about the installed version of the app. Find a subscription With Bitdefender VPN, you get a daily quota of 200 MB of traffic (per device) included in your subscription. This feature allows you to secure your connection whenever you need it, and automatically connects you to the best available server. For unlimited traffic and full access to content from around the world by choosing your own server location, upgrade to Premium. You can upgrade to the Premium version of Bitdefender VPN anytime by following the instructions in this article.


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