How to hold Chinese chopsticks

How to eat with Chinese chopsticks Chinese cuisine, everyone seems to know … Finally almost … Because Asian cuisine has its secrets … How to hold chopsticks or eat rice and noodles with chopsticks. There are also scented mushrooms or different Chinese sauces such as Chinese sweet and sour sauce or spicy plum sauce, before you get into the wok recipes, this article will give you information on all the little secrets of Chinese food. Discover also our complete file on the recipes of Chinese cooking. What to drink with Chinese recipes Wine or some light Chinese beers sublimate the dishes of the wok that we eat, so do not hesitate to drink during a Chinese meal. Regarding tea, it is an institution in China and you drink at any time of the day. That said, it is rarely consumed during the meal. Serve it at the end of the meal but of course without sugar or milk. It will facilitate your digestion! Chinese Gastronomy: How to Hold Chinese Chopsticks Who does not know the famous scene of the Chinese restaurant where we see six out of eight people in a terrible galley with chopsticks to eat a sauteed rice that escapes their fingers, slide, fall to the ground and … end up being replaced by a fork and a knife … Yet eating with chopsticks is not that complicated. Let’s go step by step and get some chopsticks to practice the gallery. First of all note that it is not necessary to press or tighten the chopsticks between your fingers, it’s all about position, it is also better to learn to eat with bamboo sticks or wood that will slide a lot less. 1. Place one of the two chopsticks (on the side of the thickest part of the chopstick) at the junction between thumb and forefinger. Have her rest on the end of the little finger. She will stay here. 2. Place the other wand between the end of the thumb and the index finger, the middle finger slightly supporting it with the middle finger. 3. Your positioning is ideal! To catch a food you will need to move only the second stick from bottom to top and especially ensure that the two thin ends of the sticks remain at the same height! Practice and if you still can not do it you are definitely for a fork! Chinese Vegetables and Special Ingredients Black mushrooms are also called cat ears and are sold dried. To use, soak them 20 minutes in warm water. Prefer fresh bean sprouts to canned ones as they lose their crunchiness! But concretely what is it? Do not confuse bean sprouts with bean sprouts. The “bean sprouts” come from the seed of a bean of the same species as our green bean: the “Mung bean”. True soy comes from a plant called Glycine max. Unlike Mung beans, soy can only be eaten if it is processed (eg in tofu). The soybean is the one used in the recipes and it is found in film trays, bulk or sachet. To choose well: the shoots must be straight, very white and the cotyledons of the “bean” of a beautiful soft green. You are dressed now! As for their conservation, a plastic bag placed in the refrigerator will allow you to keep a few days. Scented mushrooms are also sold in dry form and are as the name suggests very fragrant. Twenty minutes in warm water will be enough to make it swell again. For the record, this mushroom is grown for over 1000 years and it grows on the hardwood! In French it is commonly called oaks’ lentin. Soy cheese can be fresh or canned and comes as a white, compact block. Do not forget to cover it with water and put it in an airtight box to keep it up to 4 days cool! The water chestnuts is the bulb of a plant found in Asia and whose taste is similar to the Jerusalem artichoke or palm heart. The water chestnut takes its name from the …


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