How to eat with chopsticks?

Main cutlery throughout Asia, chopsticks require a certain technique to handle and can eat different dishes (sushi, rice, maki, noodles …). They also make it possible to cook, serve or mix woks. Article publié le 03/02/2014 If the Shang Dynasty already used chopsticks, from the 16th century BC, it is only in the 3rd century that they are adopted by the rest of the Chinese population. Now, more than 70 billion chopsticks are produced each year around the world, according to the Wikipedia article. There are different models made from materials such as plastic, wood, ivory, porcelain or iron. If the Japanese are short with pointed ends, the Chinese are long and cylindrical at the ends. Used to eat as well as to cook, mix or serve dishes, you must know how to handle them. Also, the tutorials presented here explain, step by step, the proper finger placement to catch makis, sushi, noodles or all kinds of foods. On the other hand, some gestures are to be avoided when eating with this type of cutlery in some Asian countries. Among other things, do not cross the chopsticks on your plate or on the table, and do not plant them in the rice. Tips Before You Begin Detach the two parts of the chopsticks if they are soldered. Align the two rods and place the ring finger under the bottom rod. The index goes on the one of the top and the middle one between the two. The thumb blocks everything. Use only the middle finger and forefinger to open and close the “clip”. Do not plant the chopsticks in the rice or cross them on the table. “How to hold Chinese chopsticks” by Pratiks In this tutorial, Lingling details the placement of fingers to spread and close the Asian chopsticks, in order to properly eat maki or noodles. Place the first wand between the index finger, middle finger and thumb. The second comes between the ring finger and the thumb. The index and middle fingers spread the upper stick. Arrange them on each side of the food and close the chopsticks. “Learn to eat with chopsticks” by With a touch of humor, Dan Gagnon shows how to hold chopsticks. Some marks of rudeness in the maintenance are also explained. Do not hold the chopsticks by the tip or the top. Align and spread them. Place the ring finger underneath the lower rod. The middle finger comes between the two and the index above the upper rod. The thumb is all over to block. Move the index and the middle finger. See the video. “Using Asian chopsticks” by Marmiton This tutorial allows you to differentiate between Asian chopsticks and their uses. The symbolism of certain illustrations engraved on it is explained, as well as the differences according to the countries where they are used. After having detailed all the steps to handle his chopsticks, the video shows the ways to eat most dishes. The last part is reserved for other more specific uses such as eating noodles, pasta, cooking with chopsticks or mixing a wok. In addition, all the information given in the video is summarized in an article below. Consult the article and the video. “Eating with chopsticks (B1 1)” by Alliance Française Bordeaux As part of the contest “a rite, a video” organized by the Alliance Française, this Chinese student shows the gestures to be banned using chopsticks. These are badly seen or considered, for the most part, rude in China. Do not cross the chopsticks on the table. Do not use them with the index finger pointed. It means criticizing someone and it can be a problem. Do not bang on the edge of a dish or bowl. This is done to attract attention and is often used by beggars on the street. Do not mix the dish with the chopsticks. The sticks must be used in such a way that the tip touches the food, not the wider end. Do not plant chopsticks in a dish or in rice. The Chinese and Japanese mortuary rites include a bowl of rice, in which chopsticks are planted. As well,…


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