How to eat with chopsticks: 7 steps

wikiHow is a wiki, which means that many articles are written by several authors. To create this article, 101 people, some anonymous, have participated in its edition and improvement over time. In this article: Keeping them properlyGetting the rules of chopstick useSummary of the articleReferences You love Asian cooking and you want to taste it in the best way, that is to say, the one that was invented for her, with chopsticks? Some people will swear that the chopsticks give a better taste to food, you probably want to check it for yourself, without looking ridiculous. When you see others using chopsticks, it looks very easy, but when you try it yourself, you end up asking for a fork. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the fork for good and put the chopsticks to work! Part 1 Holding them properly 1 Grab the first wand with your middle finger and thumb. The latter is the anchor, it must not move. Keep your hand tight to hold the wand firmly. Place the widest part of the wand in the palm of your hand, where your thumb and forefinger meet. Lay the thinner part of the wand between the base of your thumb and the side of your middle finger. She must not move. It’s very similar to how you hold a pencil, in a slightly lower position. Some prefer to hold the wand on the side of their ring finger, using the tips of their index finger to hold it in place. 2 Grasp the second wand between your index finger and your thumb. This is the wand that will move. Place your thumb above the second wand, so that it is above the first. Adjust your grip on the stick to find the most comfortable position. Make sure the thinner parts of the chopsticks are aligned with each other to keep the chopsticks from crossing each other and to make sure you can “catch” the food properly. To align them, you can tap them on the table. You will have a hard time using your chopsticks if they are not properly aligned. 3 Practice opening and closing the chopsticks. Make sure the wider ends of the chopsticks do not cross X or you will have difficulty grasping the food. You only move the top stick, do not you? Great ! If this helps you, slide your hand from the thinnest part of the chopsticks to the widest part, keeping the same position, to find which outlet is best for you. Some prefer to keep their chopsticks very close to the finest end, while others prefer to hold them higher. Start to catch your food! It will be easier for you to try keeping an angle of 45 ° for the moment. Once you have grabbed the food, bring it to your mouth. If you feel that the food is ready to fall, rest it on the plate and start again. Once you are confident with one type of food, try to catch one of a different size and texture. Once you feel that you have taken the shot, try eating noodles! Part 2 Know the rules for using chopsticks 1 There are rules when you share your food. It often happens that if you eat with Asians (whether at home or in a restaurant), you have to share the food that arrives in great dishes. It is not proper to plant chopsticks that you just brought to your butcher in the common dish! You will then have two options. Use a pair of chopsticks that everyone can use and have not touched what’s on your plate (or anyone else’s). Catch the food using the ends of the chopsticks that you do not use to eat. These are the widest tips that you must not chew on! 2 Learn what to do with your chopsticks when you’re not using them. The rules of use of chopsticks …


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