How to Make a Table on Excel?

“IT saves a lot of time … if you have a lot of it in front of you! Mireille SitbonWhile young people are very familiar with new technologies, older people are finding it harder to cope with computers. However, basic software makes everyday life easier. Whatever your operating system, the Openoffice, LlibreOffice, or Microsoft Office office suites, you can create graphs and tabulate data for better performance. readability.How to use excel and how to create a table in excel Microsoft? Edit the excel sheet formatting, open a workbook, create a workbook, print a sheet, keyboard shortcuts, drop-down list, hide columns, copy paste data a PivotTable, calculate totals on the excel spreadsheet, insert a function, here is a short excel course to create excel works with flair! Discover all the excel features! The Excel software to create an Excel array is a Microsoft Office suite of software (which includes Microsoft Word for word processing, PowerPoint for slide show). It is a spreadsheet for data analysis and graphic creation on PC, Mac, Android, Linux. It allows to organize and share many data are forms of tables, pie charts, etc. Excel software is not the only software to make a table, but it is surely the best known and most used. Elementary students learn how to use it in class to acquire the basics of office automation. Making a table can be used in many areas such as mathematics, economics, science in general, but also in the classroom. daily life to do his accounts for example. Excel is part of a complete set of software among which PowerPoint, Word, etc.Open the Excel softwareThe Excel software is a paid software. It is integrated into the Microsoft Office formula at 69 € per year for personal use. This set includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access. For occasional use, it is possible to try the family formula at € 99 per year for one month free of charge. A mobile version is also available for the purchase of a smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded, the Excel software opens by double clicking on it. If an Excel page is already open and you want to open a new one, simply go to “File” and then “New”. The organization of the software Once the software is open, the one is directly in tabular form. All the boxes are called “cells”. The columns are named with the help of letter and the lines thanks to the numbers. It is then enough to integrate its data there in order to begin its table. To organize its data and to form the table To start a table, it is necessary to sort its online data and / or columns to make a table that makes sense.Organize its dataThe table can be a simple table or a table with double entries. The simple table is content with a single type of data. This can for example represent the months of the year in the header and the name of the people who wish their birthday during each month. However, a double-entry table makes it possible to cross two kinds of data. It can be the months of the year online and the different categories of expenses in columns. In this case, to find the data to be entered in the cell, we must search the month but also the type of associated expenses (rent, shopping, etc.). Formatting the table Select your data to create the table. data entered in the cells, then the table must be formatted. You can just make the contours of the table with the function “borders” that is in the toolbar of the home but it will not give you all the functions of a table. To achieve a functional table, it it is necessary to start by selecting all the data that you want to enter in the table. To do this, click on the first cell, in the top left and hold until you reach the last cell, the one at the bottom right. It is also possible to use the “shift” key. In this case, click on the first cell, press “shift” and while holding down the key, click on the last cell. The selection will take into account all your …


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