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Depends on who you are and what you do, if you are a $ 150,000 software engineer up year and work in that Silicon Valley maybe you can rent a garage to live near your workplace, or you adapt to living in a motorhome or a pickup truck [1] [2] Then there are those who live in Beverly Hills and can afford to go shopping at Rodeo Drive: And c those who live not far away in makeshift tents in the city center: You can move from Los Angeles to San Francisco and be delighted by the smelly scents of human excrement freely deposited in large numbers everywhere for the city [3] Not to mention the health crisis that many fear, there have already been cases of tuberculosis and typhus and there are fears the advent of bubonic plague [4]. There are more and more taxes high and the inevitable summer fires, increasingly bureaucratic bureaucracy and the lack of water in some areas up to the costs of rents and houses that are completely you out of the reach of ordinary people. All things that are pushing the common people out of the state, and now the wealthy but not rich, in droves towards the neighboring states or even the East Coast. Nevertheless the minchioni continue to vote the socialists to California Government. Footnotes [1] Buying a Bay Area home now for Apple’s struggle even, Google engineers [2] Scraping by on six figures? Tech workers feel poor in Silicon Valley s wealth bubble [3] San Francisco human feces map shows waste blanketing the California city [4] Central California newspaper | Madera Tribune

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