How to use Apple Watch LTE on Android

Considering that the Apple Watch LTE model is finally available for purchase also in Italy (and we reviewed it), it might be interesting to find out how the new model can also work on Google’s smartphone. Here is a guide showing how to use Apple Watch LTE on Android.

Obviously, there is no official support from Apple, and using Apple Watch on Android is absolutely not recommended. And in fact, Apple Watch on Android will be based only on LTE technology, and this will already serve to drastically reduce battery life. We will not advise you, therefore, to buy an Apple Watch to use it with Android, but those who already have the Apple smart watch and an Android terminal, can certainly try pairing.

Also, it is good to know that the combination of Apple Watch on Android will not allow to exploit all the features of the watch, such as those related to fitness. It is, therefore, more than an experiment, than a real compatibility. Nor can you expect to receive or send SMS directly from the watch.

How to pair Apple Watch on Android

The guide comes directly from the pages of iMore (from which we also take photos), which for the occasion used an Apple Watch LTE 3, with iPhone 8 Plus and a Galaxy S8. At first the editors set up Apple Watch with the iPhone and later picked up the SIM card from the iPhone to insert it on the Android terminal. At this point the iPhone was put into airplane mode, so that there was no longer any connection between smartphone and watch.

Come usare Apple Watch LTE su Android

After some initial problems with Galaxy S8 crashed, the editors finally managed to restart the Android terminal. At this point, it was enough to put Apple Watch in airplane mode and then reactivate the network. At this point, asking Siri to make a phone call to start it correctly, albeit with a few seconds of delay compared to the traditional operation with iPhone.

The same editorial staff as iMore has also succeeded, with Apple Watch combined to an Android, to send an iMessage, which confirms that the same watch has all the credentials to exploit the Apple messaging client, even without the help of the telephone.

At this point, the editorial staff was also able to receive an incoming call, displayed both on smartwatch and on Galaxy S8.

To whom could it be used

As already anticipated, we cannot recommend buying an Apple Watch LTE to use it with Android. First of all because you will still need an iPhone for the first configuration; secondly, it would not make sense to use Apple’s watch only to make calls.

And then, it is conceivable that this solution will be used by those who already have iPhone, Android and Apple Watch, maybe for the moments when you leave home with the Google terminal, but with the desire not to take it out of your pocket, not even to call.

What you need for Apple Watch on Android

If, despite the numerous limitations, you have decided to try Apple Watch on Android, here’s what you need and how to proceed.

Come usare Apple Watch LTE su Android

We must have, first of all, an iPhone 6 or later, an Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + LTE, and an Android smartphone with a slot for microSIM cards.

  1. Remove the SIM card from iPhone and Android;
  2. insert the SIM card of Android on the iPhone;
  3. once the data connection allows it, open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone;
  4. tax re-set the clock, and add it to the cellular network of its operator;
  5. terminal configuration on Apple Watch;
  6. switch the SIM card from the iPhone to the Android phone;
  7. put iPhone in airplane mode;
  8. put Apple Watch in airplane mode and reactivate the connection.

If you wish to change the Apple Watch settings you will need to repeat steps 1 through 4 and proceed from the iPhone.

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