How to use Android as a Gamepad for Windows PC

Today we see how to use Android as a Gamepad for Windows PC in this way you can leave the keyboard which can be very uncomfortable in computer gaming and use the smartphone to play your favorite games. To be able to use the smartphone as a joystick on a Windows PC, it is necessary to have the Bluetooth connection or the Wi-Fi network in common between the 2 devices and of course you will need an application in the Google Play Store suitable for the purpose and called Mobile Gamepad. Mobile Gamepad, to work, also needs a server to be installed on the computer, whose url to download it can be found inside the app. The url must be copied to the search bar of the PC browser, then once the enter key is pressed you will be prompted to download the .zip download of the server, which will then be unpacked once downloaded and installed on a computer. But let’s better see how to use Mobile Gamepad as a Gamepad for PC using an Android smartphone: Download Mobile Gamepad from the Google Play Store and install it on the Android smartphone Access the application and scroll to the second page of the welcome screen. Here you will find the url ( that you have to write on the PC browser to download the server Download the server from PC and install the server.exe file after unpacking the folder in .zip format Start the Mobile Gamepad program Server from computer On Wifi Connection, find the entry Listening to followed by an IP number Now from the app go ahead to the screen for selecting the preferred connection: Wifi or Bluetooth Suppose you want to use Wifi, select with a tap this entry On Connections enter the IP Server you found on Wifi Connection Listening to then press on CONNECT We have almost finished this guide to use Android as Gamepad for Windows PC. Now from the smartphone you will be asked, in fact, by a message on the screen to wait, a few seconds and you will be connected to the PC with the smartphone. If the current configuration of the buttons does not work well for the game in use, from the Server, just move on Games and set by pressing on the green circle with the + in the middle (add new game) the keyboard keys associated with those present on the gamepad or better smartphone. The keys can be configured differently depending on the game in use, thus creating different combinations of keys to be adapted to different games. Here is a video showing how to use Android as a Gamepad for Windows PCs using Mobile Gameped. A tip then for those who decide to remove the server from the PC because they no longer want to use the smartphone as a gamepad. Once the server has been uninstalled using the appropriate function, go to C: ProgrammiMobile Gamepad Server to remove residual files, including an .exe file and some other folder that has not been deleted. This guide on how to use Android as a Gamepad for PC is finished, so you can use your smartphone to play computer games without the discomfort of the keyboard, but also use the accelerometer function and the volume buttons on your smartphone to lower or raise the sound of your computer . You can also use your smartphone as a mouse.


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