How do you live in New York?

I lived five years in New York. A few months in Manhattan and the rest in Windsor Terrace and Clinton Hill (two boroughs of Brooklyn). Blur on the general aspects of life in the USA: private insurance, relations with the government, etc. The most pleasant stadium is bachelor’s or otherwise childless . New York is full of entertainment, restaurants, museums, parks. You’ll never see everything. Earnings 100, spend 130. With the arrival of the little ones (two born in our stay in NYC) everything got worse. The city is not family-friendly at all. Driving around is a nightmare. Taking stairs or, at best, smelly metro elevators with a stroller is a nightmare. Move on the broken sidewalks … you understand. One day you wake up and say: heck, I see more of the fantastic skyline in the Suits theme song than in reality. I look at the GPS historian and see that it is home work home work, three days in Manhattan and two in Greenwich, and then shop in a half-mile radius from home. That is, I could live in a remote Wyoming town, since I don’t leave home more than 500 meters from work. And work … is everyone’s condemnation. Hard-nosed in the metro. People pissed off in traffic jams. As Battiato says, “come home with boredom and fatigue”. (But this in every metropolis) One day, the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Near the house, they kill (a rite of initiation to a gang) a homeless poor man who was a bit of a neighborhood mascot. We thought we lived in a “good” neighborhood and had a good life. Then you discover that there are people who kill the passers-by in front of the beautiful brownstone houses. That day, my wife and I tell ourselves: we sell a house and go back to Europe. This is also why we ended up in Copenhagen. A bit like the memory of an old flame it gets better with the years, and we forget about so many defects that seemed unbearable, even my memory of New York has been softened recently. I remember the strange and beautiful people of so many different countries – our neighbor’s Greek glassmaker, an old ex-fireman who recycled doors and fireplaces by day, and at night he was an executioner. I miss these and other characters larger than life. Especially after a few years in Denmark, where there is very little diversity. But even if the memory has improved, I would not go back to New York tomorrow.

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