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Bestsellers DVD and Blu-Ray Opera – Opera – Music

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La Traviata After Verdi Teresa Stratas (Performer), Macneil (Performer), Thelonious Monk (Performer), Cei (Performer) Franco Zeffirelli (director) DVD Zone 2 – film – Deutsche Grammophon – november 2007 In Stock Delivery to from 2 € 79 Don Giovanni DVD Collection Gaumont Classics Joseph Losey (director) DVD Zone 2 – movie ….  Continue Reading

University ranking: These are the best universities for law and business administration in Europe

THE BEST OFbestthe bestthe best of the world shows who is in the lead in the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands and how the best academic institutions are determined. Netherlands: Rankings from the highest point They are considered as practical and internationally oriented: More and more students are discovering Dutch colleges as an alternative to the ….  Continue Reading

Great classical composers: a list of the best. Russian classical composers

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Classical composers known all over the world. Each name is a musical genius – the unique personality in the history of culture. What is classical music Classical Music – charming melodies, created by talented writers, which is rightly called classical composers. Their works are unique and always in the interpreter ….  Continue Reading

“In life, are the best things free? – French Movement for a Basic Income

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Courtney McCaffrey and two other AT Kearney staff published an article outlining the current debate around universal basic income. Summary Some politicians, both in Europe and in North America, have enjoyed a surge of popularity since they promised the population to restore control of the economic system that But automation ….  Continue Reading