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Living in the city does not mean that you cannot own a SUV if this is what you want. This only means that you want to be a little more conservative in choosing the vehicle so that you will find a vehicle that is perfect for the city dweller. This includes a smaller size, nimble driving, good ground clearance and practicality. If you want an SUV to drive in the city, here are some that you want to think about. Ford Escape This SUV comes to the table with a pretty large interior that features generous room for the rear seat area and the cargo space. At the same time, the powertrain is strong and the engine does manage to offer 240 hp. The best part of the SUV is that it has a huge list of extra features you can consider. This ranges from a system that will allow you to swipe feet under bumpers when you want to open your rear hatch to the navigation system. You do have a higher starting price tag but it is worth it as the base level does include more features than the competition. Honda CR-V This small crossover SUV was created while thinking of the needs that the city driver has. The most interesting part is the fact that we have a V6 engine that is great for city driving. At the same time, we have good cargo space and you will definitely love the parking assist features that are offered. We are faced with a higher financial investment but based on the information of many shoppers, the premium is 100% warranted. Jeep Cherokee This is definitely a SUV that is a surprise for many. With a debut that appeared in 2014, the SUV is definitely impressive, having a starting price located at around $25,000. The features that are offered are advanced, including a 9 speed automatic gearbox as standard and a muscular V6 engine. If you want to put your hands on something extra for when you go on vacation, there are off-road capabilities to enjoy. The Jeep Cherokee gives you a good infotainment system and quite strong fuel economy. Kia Sportage The Kia Sportage is compact and is quite an excellent crossover for those that will drive in the city. If you are looking for practicality, this is a great choice. The main reason why people choose the SUV is that it is not as long as others, making parking really easy. We are looking at a compact vehicle similar to the Toyota Corolla and the Ford Focus. Fuel economy is quite great and the standard engine is 182 hp. You will appreciate the $23,000 base price and the automatic transmission that is included.


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