Best Guns N’ Roses Songs – Top Ten List

1 Sweet Child O’ Mine Slash solo in this song is one of the best solos I ever listen… It seems there we are flying when he starts the guitar solo… AWESOME… Deserves the first place! sweet child’ o mine is my favourite song and in this song slash is the best Nice solos, nice melody every thing is brilliant but should be like 2 or 3 This is one of the only songs I have ever listen to that brings out genuine emotion in me. Every time I listen to it, I feel as though I’m going to cry. To me at least, it is an absolute masterpiece; a song I can connect to from my very soul 230 Comments 2 November Rain Sweet Child O’ Mine is a fantastic song but November Rain is always something special. It encapsulates a lot of emotions together. 99/100 to November Rain and 95/100 to Sweet Child O’ Mine for me. This song has some of the most beautiful lyrics, and when accompanied by full orchestra and and Elton John-ish piano, it builds to the massive, mesmerizing solo that Slash delivers… One so powerful that it gets your blood racing and puts a smile on your face at the same time. This is my favorite song of all time. Its combination of a beautiful piano intro, three amazing guitar solos, and excellent lyrics make the nine minutes you will spend listening to it the best nine minutes of your life. Sweet Child O’ Mine and November Rain are both great songs, but for me November Rain edges Sweet Child O’ Mine out just by a bit. November rain in my opinion is one of the most beautiful song ever made. Beautiful lyrics, nice piano work, a great orchestra sound, and great build up. Goes from a beautiful rock ballad to a great solo by Slash and finish is a powerful way. These are some of the reasons why for me November Rain is slightly better then Sweet Child O’ Mine. November Rain is just the perfect Ballad. 243 Comments 3 Welcome to the Jungle This is just freaking classic GnR. It’s like a classic. I have to agree with Slashrocks on this one. appatite for distruction is my favorite album of all time, and this song is right at the top of the PURE ROCK that Guns N’ Roses used to be, this is what axle needs to get beck definite guns n roses, the sappy ballads are ok but gnr was all about the attitude and balls Probably the best post-Zeppelin rock song ever 111 Comments 4 Paradise City Sweet child o mine should be 2nd actually. this track is like a legend. when slash plays the intro, the response is always huge! a great song! This is the best GNR song ever sweet child of mine is good but we’re talking about paradise city here Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain are both exceptionally awesome songs, but you can listen to Paradise City for 100 times on loop and still wanna listen to it even more! It has got everything! By far this is my favorite song by them It’s just a feel good song and I listen to this every time I get home from school It’s so good. 94 Comments 5 Estranged Don’t listen to the retard who says Estranged is best because there are “more key changes”. This song is the best because it is an epic, flawless masterpiece; just listen to the song! Besides, Estranged only changes key once, just like Sweet Child and November Rain! A long song, but my most listened to song of all time. I love everything about this song, the contrast between the two halves split up by a wonderful piano solo, 4 incredible solos and fine lyrics and voice work from Axl. The band really out did themselves with this absolute gem – kevinmurphy Amazing song, very long and I can never get enough of it Such good guitar solos and piano solos 99 Comments 6 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door This one should be knocking # 1 position. The very best song of the world. Dude this song is one of the BEST songs ever! This song still plays in my head almost every day, you rule…! Simply amazing…


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