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Apple Pay 06. August 2018 at 10:05 am Reading time: 3 minutes The payment service Apple Pay is on everyone’s lips. But how does Apple Pay work? With which devices can the cashless payment system be used and is it really safe? Netzwelt answers the most important questions about Apple’s payment service.  In this article, you’ll learn everything important about Apple Pay. (Source: IgorVetushko / Contents How Does Apple Pay Work? How can I use Apple? How does the payment process work? How safe is Apple Pay? These banks and retailers support Apple Pay Apple Pay is a mobile payment service. With it you can use your iPhone, iPad or the Apple Watch wirelessly pay at the supermarket checkout or online. In your device, more specifically in the app “Wallet”, a virtual credit or debit card of your bank is deposited, is processed through the payment process. In the US, Apple’s payment system launched in 2014, now there are the service in many countries, including Denmark, Poland, France or even in Switzerland. For iOS users, there is no alternative to Apple Pay. While on Android devices, the NFC chip, which enables wireless payment, can also be used by third-party, Apple does not open his system. So it is not possible for iPhone users, for example, to use the “mobile payment” app of the Sparkasse. How does Apple Pay work? Apple Pay works as well as paying with a contactless credit or debit card through the integrated NFC chip in the phone. So if you are at the supermarket checkout and the payment terminal supports contactless payment, you can just hold your Apple Watch or the iPhone to the device – just like you would with your card. NFC: The technology behind contactless payment NFC is not only in more and more smartphones, tablets, headphones and speakers, but also in credit and giro cards. But what is NFC actually and what can it be used? Networld tells you. Watch now During the payment process, Apple sends a token via NFC to the terminal, ie a unique device-specific number, in which the data of your deposited bank card is encrypted. On the iPhone or iPad you authorize the process with your finger via Touch ID or with new Apple devices via Face ID with your face. On the Apple Watch or alternatively, you confirm the payment by entering your unlock code. How can I use Apple? To use Apple Pay, you first need a credit or debit card from a cooperating bank with Apple. You deposit this in the app “Wallet” on your device. In addition, a compatible Apple device is required because Apple Pay is not compatible with all iPhones or iPads. In the following table we list you the devices with which you can use Apple Pay. iPhone iPad Apple Watch iPhone XS (Max) iPad (2017) Apple Watch Series 4 iPhone X iPad (2018) Apple Watch Series 3 iPhone 8 (Plus) iPad Pro Apple Watch Series 2 iPhone 7 (Plus) iPad Air 2 Apple Watch Series 1 iPhone 6s (Plus) iPad mini 4 Apple Watch (1st generation) iPhone 6 (Plus) iPad mini 3 iPhone SE Some Macs also support the payment service, but only for purchases on the Internet or in apps. To use it, you need Mac models with Touch ID or Mac models introduced in 2012 or later, linked to an Apple Pay-enabled iPhone or an Apple Pay-enabled Apple Watch. However, a cash card and a compatible Apple product are not enough to use Apple Pay. The device must also have the latest iOS, watchOS or macOS installed. You’ll also need to use a valid Apple ID that you use to sign in to iCloud. How does the payment process work? The payment process differs depending on the device you use something. If you want to pay with your iPhone or iPad, which has Face ID, press the right side key twice in succession. Unlock your device now via face recognition or unlock code and then hold it a few inches above the payment terminal. Paying with NFC and mobile phones in Germany: How it works for purchasing consultants Systems, points of acceptance and devices Contactless payment is no longer a dream of the future, even in Germany. Netzwelt reveals to you, where you can pay in this country with the mobile phone via NFC, what you need for it and how safe the whole thing is. Read now If you use an iPhone or an iPad with Touch ID, it is enough that you have your …


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