9 Golden Principles of Conditioner Application

Hair like it’s cold … 1 We like it in the shower rather chilly instead of cold. Our hair is different. Washing with warm water additionally roughens the hair fiber. Anyone who dares should therefore try to wash their hair with cold to lukewarm water. In particular, rinsing with cold water provides by the contraction of the hair fibers for more shine. … and conditioner not too wet 2 Therefore, you should wring your hair well before the conditioner, because softened by the water, swollen hair absorbs the care ingredients of the conditioner less well. On dripping wet hair, the conditioner just runs down. Incidentally, the same applies to hair treatments! Conditioners Love Lengths and Tips 3 Scalp and hairline usually need different care than hair in length. Especially longer hair tends to dryness and split ends, while the approach is rather greasy. In general, then, care that has a weighting effect is better kept away from the scalp and the neck, especially the conditioner. Give the conditioner time 4 If you need a little extra care, the conditioner will simply last longer. Conditioner works like a moisturizer, so he needs some time to do his magic. But after two minutes at the latest, the conditioner should come down again. Rinse well 5 Unless it is a special leave-in product, it is important to wash the conditioner thoroughly. Both shampoo and conditioner remnants complain to the hair and make the freshly washed head in the worst case pale and greasy. This is especially true for curly and thick hair. Conditioner change 6 With the conditioner one differentiates like the shampoo between those for colored, fine or damaged hair. One should not only choose the conditioner according to the hair type, but also according to the season. What is on the one hand to the diet, but much more in the air. In the summer we sweat more and therefore wash our hair more often. But the more often we wash the hair, the more we activate the sebaceous glands on the scalp. The result is often greasy hair. When the sun fades hair, becomes straw and loses its shine, leave-in conditioners help. We can also take it to the beach and the Badi comfortably or apply after the dive. Perfect as a detangler (hair untangler) on the go. In winter, on the other hand, the heating air causes us problems and causes the hair to dry out, so richer care is necessary. Which conditioner is the right one for all cases can therefore only be found out by trying. The best conditioner for damaged and unruly hair 7 If the hair is brittle and feels broken and after washing the chaos in the hair, you should definitely resort to the conditioner for damaged hair. It is best to choose a conditioner with many natural plant oils, such as argan, macadamia or almond oil. The oils not only smooth the brittle hair surface, they also balance out the moisture balance. The best conditioner for dyed hair 8 Hair Dye removes moisture from the hair. So there is a water damage left, which does not really get through the color of very damaged hair. With a conditioner that contains apricot oil or panthenol, you can treat the freshly painted hair with the moisture boost it needs to bring back hair and color. The best conditioner for fine hair 9 For this hair structure was the only one developed a special conditioner. And that is justified, because with fine, thin hair, caution is required. On fine hair is too much care weighting. The hair droops limply, no trace of airy Walla-walla mane. Therefore, most fine hair conditioners rely mainly on volume care that does not complain. Good ingredients include green tea or hops. On the next page are ‘s conditioner treatments that you should know.


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