3 ways to hold chopsticks

This article has been written with the collaboration of our editors and qualified researchers to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the content. There are 27 references in this article, they are at the bottom of the page. WikiHow’s content management team looks carefully at the work of the editorial team to make sure each article is in compliance with our high quality standards. In this article: Properly positioning chopsticksControling chopsticksLearning good mannersArticle summary27 References Chopsticks are a tool used in East Asian countries to eat for thousands of years, thanks to their simplicity and versatility. If you are used to forks and knives to handle your food, you may have trouble understanding how to use chopsticks the first few times. However, once you understand the right way to hold them, it will be easier for you to master the technique. Start by placing the first wand along the inside edge of your ring finger and between your thumb and index finger of your dominant hand. Put the second one between your index finger, middle finger and thumb as if you were holding a pencil. This will allow you to move the stick freely while keeping the bottom still. Method 1 Position the chopsticks correctly 1 Take the chopsticks from your dominant hand. Use the hand you use most to grab the chopsticks on the table with the back of your hand facing you. Place your non-dominant hand under the ends of the chopsticks and gently tighten them against each other. This will align them so that they are perfectly parallel to each other [1]. On a standard table arrangement, the chopsticks will be placed one next to the other in front of you horizontally. It’s usually easier to grab them using your index finger, middle finger and thumb. Be careful not to slam them against each other when you grab them. This could be considered rude in quieter restaurants and formal situations. 2 Put your hand on the upper third of the chopsticks. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the chopsticks while you adjust the position of your dominant hand. Hold the two chopsticks together in the gap between the base of your thumb and your index finger until you are ready to use them [2]. If you are unsure of the correct position for your hand, align the top of the chopsticks with the tip of your thumb, then flip your hand and catch the part closest to the base of your thumb. If your hand is at the top or bottom of the chopsticks, it will be harder to handle them correctly [3]. Tip: Always hold your chopsticks with the wide top facing out and the thinner part facing inwards. 3 Place the wand across the base of the thumb and ring finger. Arrange the bottom wand to wedge the top into the gap between your thumb and forefinger and place the point against the inside edge of your ring finger. Once you put them where you want them, do not move or adjust them [4]. Some people who have always used chopsticks prefer to put the bottom wand a little higher on the hand, near the base of the index finger. When you use it properly, the bottom wand should not move while the top wand does all the work [5]. 4 Hold the top stick between the index finger, middle finger and thumb. Now take the second wand and pass it between the upper phalanges of your index and middle finger. Hold the inner edge of the wand with the tip of your thumb [6]. Make sure the two chopsticks point in the same direction with both ends aligned. This hand position should look like the one most people use to hold a pencil [7]. 5 Avoid moving your thumb as much as possible. Use the top of your thumb as a pivot for the upper wand, pressing enough on it to let it go …


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