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That is the Podcasts I loved the most this year. Fortunately, I arrived at December 31st again this year. It means that we are still alive and this is not at all obvious. After the optimistic beginning, I want to reveal to you which were the Italian Podcasts that most impressed me most, in this year dominated (2018). Following a high number of Italian productions, estimated at around 600 excluding most radio networks, I am obliged to summarize them for obvious reasons. Having said this, I start with the ranking, not in chronological importance but in impetus. I tried to make the maximum to be able to make a good SEO title, like the 10 best Italian Podcasts of 2018. This is the only reason why the list consists of a defined number. Otherwise it would be much, much longer. Extra list, I could not start with the two true novelties of 2018: storielibere and Gli Listenabili. On their own they have contributed in an excellent manner to the Italian podcasting scene, with over twenty original publications. I’m not here to list them all, I’ve written a lot about these networks. Find it all on the site or in the links of their web pages. Know that I could finish the post after mentioning these two productions. For me it is enough and they are advancing throughout 2018. But it does not end here, I would be rude towards you and the other Podcasters. So, to follow, here is the best of the best of Italian Podcasts: 1. La Piena by Matteo Caccia and Mauro Pescio When you think of drug trafficking, you imagine something very far from us, from the everyday life of ordinary people. We feel safe with the protagonists of these stories because we could never find them next to us. They remain on the margins of our daily lives. In reality, we can wake up one day like another and find ourselves caught up in something unpredictable: drug trafficking has entered our favorite bar. 2. Be My Diary by Rossella Pivanti Audio Experimental Diary of an (ex) 35-year-old Italian. Because life is wonderful every day … 1 Season (13 episodes) 2 Season (2019) 3. BISTORY – Series 1 – Stories from History BISTORY is a story of life and death: a scalpel that investigates the B-side of History, full of great powerful and charismatic characters reached by oblivion or legend after an incredible end. Bloody idols, desperate lovers, condemned utopians, crazy creators of beauty in a story full of truth and imagination, in search of that forgotten sheet, where history writes stories. The first series: six episodes, six stories in words, music and mysteries online every Tuesday evening from 26 June 2018, conceived and narrated by Andrea W. Castellanza and directed and produced by Sebastian Paolo Righi for NeverWasRadio 4. How to make a Podcast by Gianni Gozzoli How to make your own podcast. What is a podcast , where to start, the contents, the use of the voice, the tools for recording and publishing. 5. Fuling’s Podcast by Fuling Terrible singer. My voice seems incredible only in my brain. my podcasts are about people I’ve met along this beautiful journey called life. I spend a lot of time on planes, trains and public transport. I share stories of complete strangers with that special spark in their eyes. You may also be interested in: 6. Il Mordente by Riccardo Palombo Il Mordente is a new podcast recorded and edited by Riccardo Palombo. We talk about technology, books, travel and experiences. 7. Gears of Luke L. Politically incorrect, inaccurate, offensive, but it also has flaws. 8. Italo-Digital Digital Podcast by Alice and Michael Italo Digitali podcast is born with the mission of sharing in every episode, every week, strategies, inspiration, tools and rituals that will help you create and grow your successful digital business by pursuing those that are your passions. Your business is the mirror of yourself, this is a great truth learned in the field. And if you don’t cultivate yourself, you will never be able to explore your true potential. Based on this concept, we create content for entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones) at 360 ° with the aim of improving every day, improving their business and creating a life of excellence. 9. Pazzi di Vita Podcast by Sebastiano Perbellini The Italian podcast on the positivity of fears. In each episode Sebastiano Perbellini interviews a different character who tells his story analyzing fears and fears he has …


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