10 unrivaled vacation spots

There is no doubt that human beings like lists. The best beaches in the world, the five fundamental things you should see on your next trip, the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain or the typical dishes that you must try yes or yes in that country you want to go to every year. Aware of this pleasure that humanity has in the listings, TripAdvisor has asked its users to vote to choose the best destinations in the world and, after a tight count, has just made the decision public. The world has voted and here you have the 10 best trips you will be able to do this 2019. 1. London, the number one of the best destinations in the world The capital of the United Kingdom has emerged as the best destination in the world and therefore the best place to travel according to TripAdvisor. It also boasts of being one of the main financial centers in the world, one of the most visited cities, the one with the highest concentration of higher education centers in Europe and one of the metropolitan areas with the highest GDP. And the only city he has repeated when celebrating an Olympic Games. Now, as if all this were not enough, you can add this top in the ranking. If you visit it, the essentials to see in London are Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square. And if you like museums and are looking for vacation places to come back wisest, you can’t miss the British Museum and the Tate Modern. 2. Paris, vacation spots that do not go out of style and one of the best trips you can consider this 2019 The capital of France is known as the city of love, the city of light and is the most visited European destination in the world by behind london. Like its British sister, Paris has emblematic places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Damme Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacre Coeur Basilica, the Pantheon or the Invalides Palace. Also its cultural offer is impressive, not surprisingly, Paris has the most visited museum in the world, the Louvre Museum. Also, if you are interested in the cultural offer of one of the best places to travel, you cannot miss the Orsay Museum or the Pompidou Center. 3. Rome, the top three of the tourist destinations to travel in 2019 Closing the podium of the best trips in the world, which curiously form three European cities, is Rome. The Italian capital can boast of being the city with the greatest concentration of historical and architectural assets in the world and of being the only one that has a foreign state inside: Vatican City. This has made it one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. The list of things to see in Rome could be practically endless: the Colosseum, the Basilica of St. Peter, the Trevi Fountain, the Forum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, the Plaza of Spain … you will be missing days to see everything . 4. Crete, this may be one of your holiday destinations this year. The largest island in Greece appears as one of the best destinations in the world according to TripAdvisor. According to Greek mythology, there was a bronze giant named Talos who protected the island from invaders; Today its legend continues but Crete is completely visited, especially the coastal city of Heraklion – its capital -, Chania or Rethymno and its paradisiacal beaches such as Elafonisi. Also, you can’t forget to visit the Palace of Knossos, the oldest palatial complex in Europe. 5. Bali, one of the best places to travel that threatens to change your life The so-called island of the gods is one of those destinations that promises to change your vision of life. It is an exception within Indonesia and its inhabitants are mostly Hindu but with some changes to the traditional religion. This makes the island plagued with enigmatic temples and it is usual to see the Balinese perform their precious rites. In addition, Bali also has famous islands and is one of the best surfing destinations in the world. You can’t leave without visiting the Luhur Uluwatu temple, the…


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