10 Snow Vacation Destinations

Even in a city where it is not usual to snow, a snow holiday is always part of the winter idyll. Let’s make dreams come true and prepare a snow getaway, snow skiing, ice skating, warm clothes and snowmen. Check out some of the best snow holiday destinations in Europe. 1. Snow holidays ANDORRA Andorra is one of the most popular skiing places in Europe! The livelier months range from December to April, but Andorra is also rich in beautiful scenery and very popular with fishing enthusiasts. After all, we are in the Pyrenees! Another popular activity in Andorra is shopping! Being an independent state, Andorra has its own laws and fees – by the way, if today Andorra is such a prosperous state, much of it is due to winter tourism and the tax haven status of this state. Also, shopping in Andorra is such a popular activity, as the rates are much lower! Where is Andorra: Located a few hours from Barcelona, ​​Andorra is situated in the Pyrenean mountain range between Spain and France. How to get to Andorra: If you are looking for cheap travel to Andorra, consider traveling to Barcelona and from here take a low cost flight to Andorra – Vueling operates this route. Another option will be to travel by bus. Eurolines has trips from Barcelona to Andorra, which lasts about four hours. Time in Andorra: Between 7 and -2 Things to do in Andorra: For skiing in Europe, Andorra is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. There are 3 Andorra ski resorts: Grandvalira, the largest of the Pyrenees; Vallnord, which offers various non-skier activities and Naturlandia, which is open all year. 2. Snow Holidays COPENHAGEN Undoubtedly Scandinavian countries have a special beauty in winter: snow, decorations and Christmas markets, as well as various traditions. Perhaps because it is livelier than Oslo or more colorful than Stockholm, the capitals of Norway and Sweden (respectively), Copenhagen is the most charismatic of the three Scandinavian capitals in winter. Being able to create true hygge, a Danish word used to define cozy atmosphere. Take a stroll through the canals of Copenhagen while sipping your Gløgg (mulled wine) and eating Aebleskiver, an apple afternoon popular in Danish cuisine. Where is Copenhagen: Situated on the islands of Zealand and Amager, Denmark’s capital is very close to Sweden and is bathed by the Baltic Sea. How to get to Copenhagen: Norwegian Airlines and Tap Portugal have flights Lisbon Copenhagen. The flight to Copenhagen takes about 3h40. Time in Copenhagen: From 5 to -2 Things to do in Copenhagen: Christmas in Denmark goes back to the Yule, a pagan celebration, started with the Vikings, which runs from the end of December until January, ending with Winter Solstice. Hence the importance given in Denmark to details such as holly or tree trunks in Christmas decorations. 3. Snow Vacations Sierra Nevada Besides being next door, the Sierra Nevada also has a clear advantage: sunshine! In fact, the Sierra Nevada holds the title of the southernmost ski resort in Europe! And of course there is snow too! Yes, there is snow in Spain! At around 3,482 meters, the whole region is a huge protected natural park, which has contributed to its protection and preservation. Snow sports lovers can’t be disappointed! There are several ski resorts, as well as popular resorts, among other lodging options in the Sierra Nevada. . Not far away are the cities of Granada, Seville or Malaga, Spanish cities rich in culture, architecture and good food, which are among the cities of Spain that you must also know. Want a better plan for your snow vacation? Where is the Sierra Nevada: Located in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalusia. The nearest town is Granada, which is about an hour and a half by car. How to get to Sierra Nevada: It is best to travel to Granada and then drive. From any Spanish city you will find frequent buses and trains to Granada. Renfe’s high-speed train AVE often travels between Córdoba and Malaga, stopping in Granda. Please note that if you are looking for flights to the Sierra Nevada, the nearest convenient airport is Malaga Airport and not…


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